Vivaldi 2.9: Adding more to the Vivaldi Menu

OSLO, Norway – Oct 31st, 2019: The new desktop version of the Vivaldi browser focuses on effective navigation, better usability, and snappier performance. Users can now access the browser’s functionality quicker with the enhanced Vivaldi Menu and can also put a stop to unwanted website notifications.
“Creating effective navigation is crucial for browsing. At Vivaldi, we look into every aspect of the browser to ensure better usability and performance. Good navigation should be intuitive and easy to use,” says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner.
What’s on the Menu?
There are different ways to access features in Vivaldi such as Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse gestures and Quick Commands and the Vivaldi Menu. Windows and Linux users can set the Vivaldi Menu just the way they want – as Vivaldi icon, or horizontally across the top of the window or even choose the menu style icon, adding more flair to it. Simply go to Settings Appearance Menu. The structure of the Vivaldi Menu has been enhanced with more flexible options. Users can now access their preferred features more intuitively and faster. Espen Sand, Developer at Vivaldi who worked on the Menu, says, “Many users prefer to access important functionality using the Menu Bar. With this release, keyboard navigation and mouse handling of the menus have been improved tremendously.”
Here are the new elements that have been added to the Vivaldi Menu:
Web Panels: Now access custom Web Panels through the top menu, meaning easy access to the sites that have been added to Vivaldi’s sidebar, lets users stay abreast of their social media channels, news feeds and more.
Show Tab Bar: Access the Tab Bar with just a simple click, or even hide it for more screen real estate.
Bookmarks: When viewing a Bookmark listed in the Vivaldi Menu, users can now right-click it to access a context menu and perform different actions with it.
Report a bug: Report a bug directly from the browser’s Help menu.
Set global default site permissions: Notifications appearing on screen from random sites can sometimes feel invasive and unwanted. Users can always dismiss these notifications one by one, or adjust site permissions on a per-site basis. But Vivaldi goes a little further and lets users snuff out these annoying interruptions. Now set global default preferences for requests based on sound, geolocation, camera, microphone, motion sensors, Bluetooth devices, and Pop-ups. They can be easily controlled from Settings Web Pages Default Permissions.
Vivaldi 2.9 comes in with better performance, video improvements for macOS, improved usability for users in CJK countries (China, Japan, and Korea).
More details: email [email protected] or go to


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