Unlock Your Dream Career with These Top AI-Powered Resume Builders

Unlock Your Dream Career with These Top AI-Powered Resume Builders

These tools can help you create a professional and effective resume in a matter of minutes. 

In today’s job market, having a well-crafted resume is essential for landing your dream job. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, job seekers can now use AI-powered resume builders to create high-quality, tailored resumes that stand out from the competition. Utilizing powerful natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, AI-powered resume builders can analyze job postings and suggest changes to resumes or cover letters, ensuring that job seekers highlight their qualifications and experience in the best possible way to potential employers. 

As per a study conducted in 2021 by the National Bureau of Economic Research, job seekers who used algorithmic writing assistance to improve their resumes had an 8% higher chance of getting hired than those who didn’t. These algorithmic tools can provide feedback on grammar, spelling and word usage, highlighting the importance of using technology to improve resumes in today’s competitive job market.

To help you make the most of these innovative tools, we have compiled a list of top AI-powered resume builders available today. By utilizing these resources, you can create a resume that improves your chances of securing your ideal job.

Top AI-powered resume builders on the market


Rezi (Image courtesy of Rezi)

Founded in 2015, Rezi is a resume-building platform that utilizes AI to generate applicant tracking system (ATS)-optimized CVs. For those who may not know, ATS are software applications used by companies to manage recruitment and hiring procedures, including posting and receiving job applications. 

With step-by-step guidance, Rezi helps job seekers showcase their relevant skills and experience. The platform’s keyword targeting feature automatically extracts relevant keywords from job descriptions and compares them with those in the user’s resume. Then, it generates new bullet points based on the job description and the user’s work experience, with the aim of helping their resume stand out from other applicants. Additionally, Rezi offers access to video guides and articles to assist with career-related queries. 

For new users, Rezi offers a free account that comes with 6,000 credits. With this account, you can create a single resume that can be downloaded in PDF format up to three times. If you need additional credits, you can make a one-time purchase at US$10 for 50,000 credits.

Rezi also offers a basic plan for just US$3 per month, providing unlimited downloads of a single resume, as well as limited access to keyword targeting and content analysis tools and standard resume templates. To enjoy full access to all features, subscribe to the pro plan for US$29/month and receive 100,000 credits that renew every month.

Resume Builder by Workruit

Resume Builder by Workruit (Image courtesy of Workruit)

India-based career-tech platform Workruit has developed an AI-enabled resume builder called Resume Builder to simplify the job search process. The platform leverages AI and machine learning to create professional resumes, enabling job seekers to create attention-grabbing resumes quickly and easily.

On Resume Builder, users can access ‌a wide range of creative tools, such as customizable resume templates, font and color options and easy sharing of resumes. It allows users to create video CVs, which have been trending among job seekers who want to leave a strong impression on potential employers. Additionally, Resume Builder offers job-winning resume analytics, which gives candidates valuable insights into how their resumes are performing in the job market

The platform’s extensive database includes over 200,000 HR-approved statements, jargon and other information curated by more than 40 HR experts. Using this data, Resume Builder offers personalized tips, recommendations and AI review analysis to help job seekers craft resumes tailored to potential employers’ specific needs and preferences.

Resume Builder’s free plan provides job seekers access to one free resume template and limited access to their premium templates. The final resume document will include a Workruit watermark. To remove the watermark and unlock full access to the entire collection of premium templates, users can upgrade to the premium plan at INR249 (US$3.03) per month or INR999 (US$12.17) per year.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded (Image courtesy of Resume Worded)

Founded in 2017, Resume Worded is an AI-based tool that enhances resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Its flagship feature is Score My Resume, an AI-powered scoring engine that thoroughly analyzes your resume using proprietary algorithms, data science techniques and NLP. The tool rates your resume on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the highest score. It evaluates your resume in four categories—impact, brevity, style and skills—and provides customized tips for improvements in each area. Additionally, Resume Worded offers a line-by-line analysis for even more specific advice. 

Resume Worded also offers a LinkedIn profile scanner, where users can receive feedback on their LinkedIn profile by uploading the PDF version of their profile to the platform. In just a few seconds, it can generate a report that identifies the profile’s strengths while providing valuable suggestions for improvement.

While ‌Resume Worded offers free access to its resume checker and LinkedIn profile scanner, users can upgrade to Resume Worded Pro to access its advanced features. These features include full Score My Resume and LinkedIn Review analysis based on more than 60 metrics, proven resume lines, job search funnels and over 350 resume templates. Users can choose between a monthly plan for US$49, a quarterly subscription for US$99 or an annual plan for US$299.

AI-powered resume builders offer job seekers the chance to create customized, data-driven resumes that suit their career goals. These tools are revolutionizing the job hunting and career advancement world, providing an excellent opportunity for recent graduates and seasoned professionals alike. With intuitive interfaces, advanced algorithms and innovative features, AI-powered resume builders can help unlock your true potential and propel your career to new heights. Don’t wait any longer; explore these exciting tools today and achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

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