Two 80s Hong Kong Dads Pledge to Save Schoolchildren


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Two 80s Hong Kong Dads Pledge to Save Schoolchildren
Establish “Maskology” to Produce “Made in HK ■ Made for HK” Children Masks
Rise to the Challenges and Do the Most They Can to Protect Children of Hong Kong
Limited Time Pre-order Online Starts Thursday (23 April) 12:00 noon
65,000 “Maskology” masks will be donated to primary schools and children in need


High resolution photo and video link:


21 April 2020, Hong Kong — “Scrambling for masks might be a struggle, scrambling masks for children is an agony.” Hong Kong parents are eager to make their voices heard.


Two 80s dads in Hong Kong – Papa Bean and Papa Yeung – had been scrambling masks for their kids day-and-night these few months, exhausted like most parents. The supply of children masks has always been scarce in the market. They had tried every possible way – setting alarms for online sales, joining the “stool party” for overnight queues, begging overseas friends for help, even leaving countless “two boxes thx!” comments in the social media frenzy – all the efforts were in vain.


Two dads produce masks to save Hong Kong schoolchildren

Papa Bean and Papa Yeung were not alone in their panic mask-sourcing experience. Both dads work in the education field. Although staying home most of the time during the pandemic, they have been keeping contact with other parents online, sharing and exchanging views. They found that most parents, like themselves, have been worrying about their jobs and at the same time, frantically sourcing children masks for their loved ones. Desperate and exhausted, they cannot help asking themselves, “What can we do for the children in Hong Kong?” Being parents themselves, they know exactly what parents are thinking and worrying. The two dads decided to establish “Maskology” and produce schoolchildren masks in Hong Kong with their own capital to increase local supply. What Papa Bean and Papa Yeung wanted to do is just as simple as contributing to the society in this difficult time, so that when their children grow up, they can tell them the story of how their dads once did a beautiful thing – protect children in Hong Kong.


Based on personal experience as parents, Papa Bean and Papa Yeung have thoughtfully prepared an “ear saver” and a “mask holder”:

• The “ear saver” can be adjusted so that the mask can be as fitted as possible and will not be loosened easily. It also eliminates the discomfort children might feel at the back of their ears when wearing an ear loop mask, as confirmed by a number of kids who tried to use it. Dr. Tong Siu Sing of “The Physics Space of Dr. Tong” explains to kids the benefits of the “ear saver” from a Physics perspective in a simple way – please refer to the video of our interview with Dr. Tong at

• The “mask holder” is useful when schoolchildren are back to school or go out and have to temporarily stores the mask. Parents can also store a new mask in the holder for children to change after lunch or when needed. Made with plastic, the “mask holder” can be washed and reused.


Inspired by The Star Thrower: never take the easy way out

Having decided to step foot into mask production without any prior experience, let alone specializing in just producing masks for schoolchildren, friends of the two founders of “Maskology” all think it is too impulsive and risky. Nevertheless, Papa Bean and Papa Yeung insisted to take the path less traveled by. Schoolchildren’s market is relatively small; most manufacturers only focus on adult mask machines, making the supply of children mask machines and accessories scarce and hence the higher cost. The “Maskology” team has reached out to many factories before eventually finding one that agreed to assist. The process was winding but fruitful.


The story behind the name and logo of “Maskology”

“Maskology” is the combination of “Mask” and “-ology”, where “-ology” denotes a field of study or a branch of knowledge. “Maskology” represents the study of mask, a devotion to professionalism in the production of masks, and a hope to share the knowledge about masks with everyone.


The “Maskology” logo consists of three design elements: a smiling face, a book and a mask. The smiling face symbolizes the innocent smile of children, which is the best gift to parents! The book and the mask symbols are combined into one, representing the professionalism of mask production, which applies especially to schoolchildren’s masks. There is no compromise with the dust-free requirement, the quality of materials and manufacturing process. “In the past two months, we went from knowing nothing in mask production, to actually producing masks ourselves, we have truly learnt a lesson in ‘Maskology’.” the team noted.


From time to time, the Maskology team shares mask knowledge and information on their Facebook page. They also hold parent-and-kid events, such as the “Design your own mask” competition held during the Easter holidays, encouraging children to continue learning during school suspension.


65,000 “Maskology” masks will be donated to primary schools and children in need

To benefit more schoolchildren, spread love and support during the pandemic, “Maskology” has pledged to donate 50,000 children masks to all primary schools and 15,000 masks to social welfare organizations including Po Leung Kuk, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service and St. James’ Settlement Wanchai Integrated Family Service Center in Hong Kong, to support children in need, share the burden of parents and “walk with your kids” in such difficult times. Special thanks go to the Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Deputy Principals Mr Lee Ka To, “Maskology” is now contacting all primary schools in Hong Kong through the association to proceed with the relevant arrangements. In addition, following this round of public pre-sale, in the future “Maskology” will reserve 10% of its supply to schools in Hong Kong and another 10% for private education institutions.


“Maskology” schoolchildren masks information

Product: Disposable three-layer filter mask for kids – the outer layer is PP non-woven fabric to prevent droplets, the middle filter layer is melt-blown non-woven fabric to block and filter bacteria and viruses, and the inner layer is PP non-woven soft and breathable fabric to reduce heat and facilitate breathing

Level: BFE ≥ 99%Size: 145mm x 95mm
Colour: Blue
Packaging: 50 pieces in one box, packaged in 2 sealed bags with 25 pieces each (the bags are resealable for hygiene purpose)
Origin: Made and packaged in Hong Kong, in factory with “ISO14644-1 Class 8” standard dust-free environment


About Maskology

Established in February 2020, two 80s dads in Hong Kong, Papa Bean and Papa Yeung, both engaged in education, decided to produce schoolchildren masks in Hong Kong to relieve the pressure on local supply amid the surge in demand. Together with like-minded friends from the law and medical field, they established “Maskology”. They all met each other through “education”, from secondary school students, to knowing each other’s university, secondary school and further education classmates. They are connected through “education”, with each other’s help and support along the way, they cherish the relationships made in the learning environment, and hope to contribute to schoolchildren and the education in Hong Kong.

For more update information, please visit:

Pre-order site
Facebook page

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For media enquiry, please contact Six Degrees PR (Tel: 3150 8280) or
Candy Tam Tel: 9652 9939 Email: [email protected]
Kelly Chan Tel: 6900 9560 Email: [email protected]


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