theDesk expands internationally with launch of its first co-working space in Shanghai

theDesk expands internationally with launch of its first co-working space in Shanghai
Aims to converge the global creative and innovation community in the heart of the city
HONG KONG, 21 March 2019 – theDesk, one of the pioneering co-working spaces founded in Hong Kong, today announced the launch of its fifth location and its first outside of Hong Kong – a major milestone in its quest for international expansion. Named “theDesk Bridge 8”, the new 22,000 square feet premises will span three floors in Bridge 8 Shanghai, one of the most successful creative parks in China. The move sees theDesk expanding the reach of its Inclusive Community ethos, which aims to generate real business value for its members and the neighborhood by facilitating meaningful connections, on this brand-new platform.
Set to open in May 2019, the new space will echo theDesk’s philosophy of providing a productive and minimalistic work environment for the innovative and diverse business community in Bridge 8 and Shanghai. It offers private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, and an auditorium that can fit up to 120 people. theDesk will play the pivotal role of connecting its members with neighboring businesses within a melting pot of creative entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNCs, and cultures to discover new opportunities together.
Thomas Hui, CEO and Co-founder of theDesk, said: “Our Inclusive Community value proposition is well-received in Hong Kong, and it is a key part of our business model that has been propelling us to new heights. Our Co-work 2.0 concept – facilitation of meaningful partnerships between our members and neighbors, new and traditional economies, and the matching of business needs with idle resources – is a proven formula in creating win-win solutions for all our stakeholders. With Shanghai being one of the first port of calls for businesses entering or setting up in Mainland China, we believe our new platform in the city can serve the hardware and software needs of business of all sizes, and generate for them the real business value which theDesk is known for.”
Strategically located in the Bridge 8 Creative Cluster, an innovation zone that houses more than 140 renowned creative enterprises and over 3,000 talented creators from the world over, theDesk Bridge 8 is in close proximity to the city’s central business district and neighbors the East meets West cultural and lifestyle areas of Tianzi Fang and the French Concession. This multi-story flexible work and event space will appeal not only to seasoned entrepreneurs but also to local and international businesses in the creative and innovation industries that cherish versatility in their work environment.
theDesk is more than a provider of space, but a conducive platform where members, neighbors, landlords and its own staff can fully utilize the offerings of a true sharing economy. With the new Shanghai space, theDesk aims to further expand its Inclusive Community, bring to the market more international companies with fresh perspectives, and strengthen the covalent bond of the community.
William Ni, Executive Director of Bridge 8, said, “We are look forward to welcoming theDesk to Bridge 8 and Shanghai, and we are excited about the new opportunities that they will bring to our community. As China continues to open up its market, especially for the service industry, we believe it will become an even more attractive destination for companies in the creative and innovation, new economy, and high-end services sectors. Given the strong foundation theDesk has built in Hong Kong and the connections they already have with these types of international companies, we believe it will be the ideal platform for people of all cultures and countries to converge and create new and exciting opportunities.”
About theDesk
As a pioneer in Hong Kong’s co-working space scene, theDesk focuses on creating an “inclusive community” by connecting its members and neighboring businesses for closer collaboration in an increasingly shared economy. With the rise of new disruptive businesses and mindset change on how businesses are run, our founding principles of Flexibility, Productivity and Community enable us to find innovative ways to help our members grow and fulfil their ambitions.
theDesk believes businesses today can only succeed from cross pollination of ideas and close partnerships. Our team strives to facilitate this collaborative environment by always keeping our members’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Our multiple locations totaling 86,000 square feet* allow us to provide the necessary means for our members to concentrate on their goals and prepare for the future.
For more information, please visit
*As of 21 March 2019, inclusive of United Centre and Bridge 8 Shanghai locations set to open in Q1 and Q2 2019 respectively.


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