TechNode Global announces ORIGIN Conference Virtual in partnership with TECHFEST Live x ROAD-TO-WCIT Malaysia 2020

The fifth edition of ORIGIN Conference is set to go virtual on Nov. 18, 2020. It is organized by TechNode Global, a pan-Asia tech platform offering premium tech news, cross-border businesses, events, and tailor-made marketing solutions for tech industry players. The ORIGIN Conference is an international event covering the latest developments in the Asia tech and startup scene where international industry leaders and technology innovators from across the region gather to share trends, experiences, and leadership lessons.

With the theme “Startup Asia: Celebrating the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship,” this year’s ORIGIN will be held in conjunction with TECHFEST Live x ROAD-TO-WCIT Malaysia 2020, a three-day digital hybrid festival featuring curated live events and live-broadcast conversations about technology’s promise to do good.

The inaugural ORIGIN Innovation Awards winners will be announced during the conference, recognizing outstanding startups, corporates, ecosystem enablers and movers and shakers in Asia.

In the conference section, the ORIGIN Conference will see regional luminaries and forerunners from more than ten countries take to the stage, including:

  • Anil Argilla, Head of Emerging Asia Region, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group at Pfizer Inc.
  • Harsh Pokharna, Co-founder & CEO at OkCredit
  • Cleosent Randing, Founder and CEO at PasarPolis
  • Jeff Chi, Founding Member & Vice Chairman at Vickers Venture Partners
  • Sega Cheng, Co-founder & CEO at iKala
  • Andrew Lim, CFO at Gushcloud
  • and more on

The virtual conference consists of a series of panel sessions, intimate fireside chats and more which further explore topics ranging from livestream commerce to digital health, from venture investment to female entrepreneurship, focusing on the recent developments and predictions on the growth trajectories.

Dr. Gang Lu, founder and CEO of TechNode Global, said, “Now is not the time to slow down, and we are thankful to be able to host our flagship conference despite the challenging macro environment. It is important for the greater Asian community to adopt an attitude of collaboration rather than competition when dealing with the wider international community, which is why this conference is timely and essential in the current climate. We are bringing this online for the first time and we believe the partnership with TechFest Live allows both organizations to reach a wider group of audiences. We look forward to gathering like-minded outstanding startups, venture capitalists and industry experts to share their valuable insights and predictions.” 

Ngai Yuen Low, CEO of WCIT Malaysia and TECHFEST Live, said “TECHFEST is very honored to forge forward with TechNode Global, tapping on their expertise in identifying the conversations we must have. The above and beyond, however, is in making these conversations inclusive and accessible to as many as possible. Our call is to reframe the promises of the digital age. We need to hold every innovation accountable for societal good and this can only happen when informed decisions can be easily made because everyone is involved and is able to participate.” 

Use code “ORIGINATTECHFEST” for US$150 off all-access tickets. For more information, visit .


Trend explained: Everything you need to know about livestreaming eCommerce

  • Andrew Lim, CFO, Gushcloud
  • Sega Cheng, Co-founder & CEO, iKala
  • Colin Phua, CEO & Founder, Captive Interactive
  • Eric (Ye) Fang, President & Founding Partner, Favour Capital

Fostering global AI adoption with iFLYTEK

  • Rachel Li, SEA Regional Manager, iFLYTEK


Digital health gaining momentum

  • Dr. Liu Chang, Regional Director, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, ACCESS Health
  • Anil Argilla, Head, Emerging Asia Region, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, Pfizer Inc.
  • Carlos Jo Lo, Investment Associate, MassMutual Ventures
  • Hui Hong Seow, Program Director, BlueChilli

Harvest the future: Big opportunities for plant-based food

  • Nick Cooney, Founder and Managing Partner, Lever VC
  • Kelvin Ng, BD Director (ASEAN), Green Monday
  • John Friedman, Director, AgFunder Asia & GROW Accelerator

Digitizing small merchants in India

  • Harsh Pokharna, Co-founder & CEO, OkCredit
  • Tarana Lalwani, Director, InnoVen Capital

Reimagine insurance in the digital age

  • Cleosent Randing, Founder and CEO, PasarPolis
  • Max Tiong, Lead, Transformation Office, NTUC Income
  • Kayvon Deldar, Program Director, Insurtech and Fintech (Singapore), Plug & Play Tech Centre

What’s the new formula for education in the Philippines?

  • Grace David, Chief Marketing & Partnerships Officer, Edukasyon
  • Joseph de Leon, Founding Member, Manila Angel Investors Network (MAIN)

Building resilience in supply chain & logistics

  • Kevin Lim, Co-founder & CEO, Tramés
  • Junxian Lee, Co-founder & CEO, Moovaz
  • Garry Lim, Partnerships Director, LogiSYM

Where’s the new cash for startup founders?

  • Kenneth Li, Managing Partner, MDI Ventures
  • Jeff Chi, Founding Member & Vice Chairman, Vickers Venture Partners
  • Pinn Lawjindakul, Vice President, Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Ambar Machfoedy, BD Director, Sistema Asia

How Japanese startups are building a smart and sustainable city

  • Kobayashi Hiroyuki, Corporate Vice President, Akippa
  • Mariko McTier, Co-founder, MyMizu
  • Keita Mitsuhashi, Co-founder and CCO, Queue, Inc.

Thriving in the #SheEra: It’s time to shine for women entrepreneurs

  • Shuyin Tang, Partner, Patamar Capital
  • William Klippgen, Managing Partner, Cocoon Capital
  • Susian Yeap, Co-founder, Supahands
  • Jenni Risku, Founder, Women in Tech Asia


About ORIGIN Conference
ORIGIN Conference is TechNode Global’s premier international event covering the latest developments in the Asia tech and startup scene where international industry leaders and technology innovators from across the region gather to share trends, experiences, and leadership lessons.

ORIGIN Conference by TechNode Global will be taking place on Nov. 18 at TECHFEST Live x ROAD-TO-WCIT Malaysia 2020, with the theme “Startup Asia: Celebrating the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship”.


About TechFest Live x Road-to-WCIT 2020 Malaysia

A hybrid of physical and digital technology festival, TECHFEST2020 LIVE is a three-day global technology event from Nov. 18-20, 2020, packed with immersive virtual reality experiences and interactive programs. It will feature insights from industry leaders, showcase new technology and share inspiring impact stories from across the world, while highlighting George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang. The event will be telecasted live in addition to online streaming across 83 countries with additional on-demand access. TECHFEST2020 LIVE will also include private B2B matching, virtual exhibitions, and targeted O2O activities. TECHFEST2020 LIVE will host three main innovation conversations: a special edition of the World Congress on Information Technology, ROAD-TO-WCIT MALAYSIA; ORIGIN Conference by TechNode Global; and5G Malaysia as its main innovation conversations. ROAD-TO-WCIT MALAYSIA is a lead-up to the World Congress on Information Technology, WCIT Malaysia 2022.


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