Taiwan Startup Stadium Kicks Off Signature Term Sheet Bootcamp With A Twist

Taipei, Taiwan (April 18) – Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), the region’s premier ecosystem builder, kicked off its fourth annual Term Sheet Bootcamp with a focus on Women in Technology. This marks the first time in TSS history that the ecosystem has chosen to hold its signature event with an even more inclusive speakers’ roster, in a bid to encourage more women entrepreneurs to take part and excel in the tech space.
Familiar topics covering different aspects of fundraising, saw Rosalind Tan of venture capital firm Expara Ventures leading discussions on how firms like hers track down and invest in tech startups having the highest growth potential. For its first Fireside Chat of this bootcamp, TSS invited women entrepreneurs VIASWEAT’S Melody Hsu and FOX-TECH’s Yadia Colindres to share their experiences on starting and growing their new businesses. Along with these outstanding Women in Asia Tech, the bootcamp featured speakers including BE Capital’s Arthur Chen, ORION Venture Partner’s Kurt Chen, and co-sponsor Infinity Venture Partner’s Joseph Huang.
The push to create a more inclusive agenda and speakers’ list saw the list of women speakers and participants increase more than 50% comparing to last year.
“TSS is also focusing on female founders and investors. As the first Taiwan government ecosystem player that emphasis female elements in startup worlds, we will continue to share more resources and more opportunities for female entrepreneurs.” says Alice Kuo, Project Manager of 2019 Term Sheet Bootcamp
Throughout the three-day event, attendees will take part in seminars on fundraising, financial planning, the VC investment and the Term Sheet negotiation process, as well as Fireside Chats where experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists share their insights on how to build up the right mindset, and how to find the best fundraising channels while looking for funding. Attendees are also given a chance to prepare and present a chosen business case via roleplaying so they can put concepts and the knowledge into practice.
Now in its fourth year, the three-day Bootcamp has thus far attracted more than 400 attendees, including over 70 international venture capitalists (VCs) and 120 innovative startup CEOs from a dozen countries. Since its inception, TSS has successfully exported its Bootcamp models to other startup ecosystems in Thailand and Japan. This year’s Bootcamp roadshow will bring TSS back to South East Asia, and to Korea for the first time.
“The Bootcamp is a key, original fundraising content from Taiwan Startup Stadium. It is the perfect learning environment for startups not just to learn the fundamentals of turning their business ideas into profitable ventures, but also to build a network among investors and other ecosystem players.” says Leroy Yau, Co-founder and CEO at Taiwan Startup Stadium.
❖About Taiwan Startup Stadium
Taiwan Startup Stadium is Taiwan’s leading ecosystem builder. With our comprehensive global resources, we aim to build a one alliance, one platform, and one academy mindset to serve startups, investors, and corporations throughout Asia. Aside from leveraging a broad network of ecosystem players, we also provide solid coaching programs through extensive bootcamps and workshops designed to empower entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their startup journey.


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