T.O.P This is Our Place (“T.O.P”) and ShopME bring the first Robotic Shop in Hong Kong for innovative retail opportunity

T.O.P and Hong Kong-based O2O start-up ShopME launched the first Robotic Shop in Hong Kong, providing an IoT based, 7 X 24 unmanned physical store for new and existing retail tenants on November 26, 2019. The one-stop robotic solution also includes shopping points’ gift redemption, interactive games, and online shop capabilities to T.O.P’s shoppers.
The Robotic Shop is different from existing Smart Vending machine, it has a FREE size product display that fit from a lipstick to a size of Tablet PC. And mechanically, the machine has a patent robotic arm design, that is based-on a vacuum tube-like technology to pick up each item and carefully brings to the exit door for customer to pick up. Unlike ordinary Vending machine that fall objects for snacks and beverage, this Robotic arm is the only acceptable way for premium product, such as cosmetic, jewelry and electronics that is fragile for falling from the vending machine. The solution has already deployed over 18 countries for International retail brands, such as Loreal, Shiseido, Sony, Line Friends and Armani.
The Founder and CEO of ShopME, Mr. Joseph Yuen, who is also the Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC) said that Hong Kong has been developed into an International well-established brick and mortar retail market over the last 30 years. The complexity mix of domestic, foreign travelers and mainland tourist market make Hong Kong become one of the most important retail markets for branded product. However, it also gives a challenge for successful retailers in the transformation in digital front. The introduction of ShopME is not only to give an alternative choice for retailers to operate at a lower cost in one of the highest rent and salary city without scarifying a premium location, but by integrating with all digital payments, Robotic Shop’s merchants could enjoy the seamless integration from physical stores to Ecommerce. Being the chairman of HKFEC came across in many different Ecommerce models locally and around the region, Mr. Yuen is confident that ShopME’s Robotic Shop gives the best upside for Shopping malls, retailers and brand owners to the road of digital transformation.
The ShopME Robotic Shop at T.O.P allows shoppers to buy instantly in front of the machine through VISA/MASTER, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay and Wechat Pay. Meanwhile by using Facebook app scans the QR code along each product, Shoppers can browse exactly the same product in the Robotic Shop, at ShopME ONLNE store (online.shopme.hk) and continue purchase online if they decided to buy it later. The product will get ship to customer’s home by local delivery.
Scan QR Code to enter Facebook Shop Same product selection for O2O experience to Shoppers
Manager of MISSHA Mr. Andrew Lee said, “We are welcome to be the first T.O.P Robotic Shop tenant in the extension of our store at T.O.P As we are located at ground floor, the new Robotic Shop can cover customers on the 3rd floor without having us increase any salesperson. The Internet-based management system also give us an ease of inventory control with ShopME’s fulfilment.”
Manager of Reinforce DigiLife Ltd. Ms. Carol Poon said, “Being a Hong Kong SME, the fast-changing product trends makes us difficult to catch demand from shoppers and maintain a profitable retail outlet. Hence, traditionally we are being conservative in our retail sales as a complement to our wholesales trading business over the region. We are glad to see the introduction of ShopME at T.O.P that provide a lower retail cost and flexible mix of products in our wide selections. The new retail location at T.O.P allows us to extend our existing store at Sin Tak Plaza to a new demographics in Mongkok.”
ShopME has received a great demand from Shopping malls of major Hong Kong developers, as well as retail chain stores, especially during these few months of retail downturn, to consider deploying Robotic Store in the next 6 to 12 months. ShopME would target to open 100 stores in Hong Kong and Macau’s tier 1 shopping malls, premium residential area, and major transportation exchange. ShopME is also planning to expand the service in other shopping & travel hotspots, such as Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, to give new retail experience to the shoppers and a digital alternative solution for retailers around the region.
About ShopME
ShopME is an O2O Robotic Shop service provider to retailers and shopping malls. The unique patent robotic arm technology allows a “no-fall” product from the machine to customer’s hand, which is crucial for premium and fragile cosmetic, jewelry and electronic branded product. The solution is fully internet-based integrated with all popular electronics & digital payment, offers remote inventory control, FREE size product placement, and data analytics capability for retailers to bring off-line shoppers to online shop at one-stop. The company is a Hong Kong based startup aims to transform Hong Kong’s world leading retail industry into digital trend for a greater success.
About T.O.P This is Our Place
Located at 700 Nathan Road, T.O.P This is Our Place (T.O.P) is Link’s first shopping centre to be located in the heart of one of Hong Kong’s most bustling commercial districts. With 114,000 square feet of retail space spread over eight floors, T.O.P’s basement level connects directly to Mongkok MTR station’s B4 exit. A garden has been created on the podium level. T.O.P is an example of the “New Retail” concept, bringing the latest retail brands under one roof. T.O.P is positioned to be Mong Kok’s most vibrant, trend-setting destination.
T.( ).P, the logo for T.O.P This is Our Place, is an abbreviation of “This is Our Place”. The “( )” represents open possibilities, highlighting the brand’s aim to INSPIRE visitors and encourage them to EXPRESS themselves and SHARE their views and experiences.


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