Strategic Communications Agency Within International Offers Hand On Assistance To Combat Spread of Global Virus

Within International, the global full-service strategic communications agency, has joined with other businesses across a range of sectors and industries in announcing a series of service-related initiatives that will aid clients and prospective clients in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak (coronavirus disease), in what is proving to be one of the most testing periods for the UK and the wider global economy.


“This is an incredibly uncertain time for companies and operators at the moment. Our objective however is to be as constructive as possible, in offering our time, expertise and capabilities, in a variety of ways, to maintain the ‘business as usual’ mantra so many of our clients and prospective clients have adopted”, said Ruxandra Radulescu, Chief Executive Officer, Within International.


“The effort to defeat the spread of this virus requires everybody coming together and our message is clear – we are here to help. As part of our offer of assistance, we are creating a series of instructional films to help inform employees in straightforward cleanliness practices. We are looking to produce informational posters and share our disaster recovery plans with other small businesses and offer strategic counsel to the public health authorities who require it,” she continued.


In addition to its offer of help to public bodies, the agency is working on an event platform that will facilitate in the organisation of large gatherings during a period of limited travel and event cancellations. Undoubtedly there will be a need for streaming services to keep projects moving and communications channels open – key areas Within International also offers specialist help.


Ruxandra Radulescu explained, “We live in an intrinsically interconnected world where keeping things moving is vital to the survival of so many industries that rely on the dynamism and innovation of their employees. There is no other way than forward. There is no other option than to think of things we haven’t thought of before, to solve problems none of us have been face with in our lifetimes. We can help our clients progress their business because it is vital they do so for the fabric of the global economy. We are opening up a variety of communications channels to assist with hosting large interactive company gatherings. All this will be at a reduced, competitive rate to be a driver of business continuity across a range of sectors and industries throughout diverse markets both at home and abroad.”


Reaching out to businesses who may seek advice and guidance on public relations and crisis communications, Within International is channelling its expertise by drawing on the knowledge and experience of its advisers who have worked on campaigns that sought to overcome large-scale challenges. Further, businesses are encouraged to stay active by pursuing research-based projects in areas such as brand refresh, rebrand, animation, brand architecture and animations that require a quick-turn around in work. Post-virus communications and thought leadership content are other areas organisations are encouraged to consider given the unprecedented global situation.


“We are very much open for business and we know that many companies will want to continue with their marketing and communications plans as we move closer to the end of the financial year. Now, much of that preparatory work can be done, particularly the work that requires little or no human interaction”, Ms Radulescu concluded.


Whilst Within International has adopted the first two stages of its own disaster recovery plan in London, its Hong Kong office has attempted to inject some normality back into its operation with staff returning to work and new business pitches, using video communication facilities, taking place on a weekly basis around the Asia-Pacific region.


Founded 14 years ago, Within International creates world-class communications for global business leaders. Inventing in design and grounding their work on sharp thinking, while crafting an elegant client experience, the agency operates across
a variety of sectors that include: law, property and construction, aviation, energy, finance, technology, telecoms.


About Within International


Within International is a full-service corporate communications agency delivering world class services for global business leaders. Founded in 2004, the agency’s primary focus is enhancing the potential of clients’ communications and getting across their message through creativity and forward thinking.


With a reputation for directing exceptional work across multiple sectors including, Law, Real Estate and Insurance, Within International has a century of top level collective experience in Animation, Branding, Digital, Film, Reputational Marketing, Pitch and Strategic Consultancy. The agency is headquartered in London with two branch offices in New York City and now Hong Kong.


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