Stay Safe Anywhere with These 5 Awesome Security Gadgets & Apps for Women

Stay Safe Anywhere with These 5 Awesome Security Gadgets & Apps for Women

You can have peace of mind knowing that your safety is always a top priority with just a few simple clicks or taps.

Ladies, are you tired of feeling vulnerable and unsafe in certain situations? It’s time to reclaim your power and take control of your own safety! In today’s world, where women are frequently subjected to unwanted advances, harassment and violence, but fear not—technology has got our backs! In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to five awesome gadgets and apps that will give you the power to stay safe and secure! From smart jewelry to personal alarms and emergency contacts on speed dial, we’ve got you covered.

Safelet SOS bracelet

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The Safelet SOS bracelet is not just a fashion accessory; it’s a safety device full of fantastic features designed to help keep you and your loved ones safe. By connecting your Safelet bracelet to the Safelet app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can invite friends, family and others to become your “Guardians”. The wearable safety device features a panic button that, when pressed, will send an SOS message to your Guardians. As the bracelet also contains its own GPS tracker, enabling your Guardians to pinpoint your location in case you run into trouble or get lost. You will also be able to receive feedback from your Guardian to rest assured that they are on their way to you.

With quick charging abilities, just ten minutes of power-up time ensures 24 hours of uninterrupted protection. All these features come at an affordable cost of $89.95 for the Safelet gadget. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 12-month product and replacement warranty and free delivery worldwide.


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Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the bSafe app is the ultimate safety tool for women all over the world. It is a safety app that offers unique features such as voice SOS alarm activation, live-streaming and auto-recording, this app has been designed to ensure that women always have a way to stay safe.

With the voice-activated SOS alarm, you can trigger the alarm even when your phone is out of reach. As soon as the SOS alarm is activated, an audio alert will be sent to your Guardians. They can then track your location and view or hear what is occurring within your vicinity in real-time through the live-streaming function. The recordings can last up to five minutes for both video and audio footage. 

bSafe also offers a Follow Me feature that lets friends and family virtually accompany users on a journey through GPS tracking. And for those in threatening situations, the app’s Fake Call feature enables them to make an excuse and leave immediately.

Safety Alarm/ Flash Light Keychain

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Approved by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Safety Alarm/ Flash Light Keychain accessory is the perfect addition to anyone’s security arsenal. To activate the alarm, you only need to pull the pin of the device. As per the official website, once you activate the alarm, it will emit loud noises of 130 dB (which could cause pain in the human ear) that can “capture anyone’s attention from up to 1,000 feet away”. 

This keychain accessory is compact, lightweight, waterproof and available in black and pink. With a cost of US$39.95, this unique product ensures both aesthetic excellence and reliable protection.

Electra Stun Gun

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The Electra Stun Gun and Flashlight provide a two-in-one defense solution for those seeking the ultimate protection. This innovative device packs a powerful punch with 3.8 million volts of non-lethal electric shock, capable of rendering attackers incapacitated, giving users ample time to flee or call for assistance. 

It also offers a bright and powerful beam of 210 lumens, making it perfect for use at night with up to 200 meters of illuminated distance. With a rechargeable battery, it takes 12 hours to be fully charged and can last multiple attacks. Plus, with a built-in safety lock feature, users can prevent accidental use and carry the device with confidence. 

At a cost of only US$9.02, this well-made and tested product offers a simple solution to personal safety. Using the device is easy—just bring the two metal ends into contact with any part of the attacker’s body—with suggested target areas being thighs, buttocks or shoulders.

Life 360: Find Family & Friends

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The Life 360 family locator helps you stay connected to your loved ones, no matter how far they are. The app offers GPS tracking, and only members of your family circle will have access to your phone’s location. It is incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up: all you need to do is download it from either the Apple or Google Play Store, create an invite-only family circle and select a plan that best fits your family’s needs. 

The free version grants you location sharing, two place alerts, location ETA, a family driving report, help alerts battery monitoring and two days’ worth of location history and. For US$4.99 a month, you can get unlimited place alerts, individual driver reports, and 30 days’ worth of location history and priority customer support, on top of the free version features.

In a world where personal safety remains a paramount concern, the rise of technology offers a new sense of security. The innovative devices and apps discussed in this article have revolutionized the way women worldwide approach personal safety. These tools, designed with user-friendliness in mind, have given women a sense of control and empowerment. With these tools at our fingertips, we can feel empowered and safe no matter where life takes us. 

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