StartupCare Announces Hong Kong’s First Digital Healthcare Platform

StartupCare Announces Hong Kong’s First Digital Healthcare Platform
Tailor-made for Entrepreneurs and Employees of SMEs in partnership with Generali Hong Kong
Group Medical Insurance Plans Starting from HKD1,800 Per Year
Virtual Health Assistant Provides 24/7 Symptom Check
An All-in-one Digital Healthcare Experience
Hong Kong, October 16 2019 – Partnered with Generali Hong Kong (“Generali”), part of Generali Group, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, StartupCare has officially announced Hong Kong’s first all-in-one digital healthcare platform tailor-made for entrepreneurs and their growing teams in startups and SMEs. This innovative platform provides comprehensive health solutions for local startups and SMEs including customized and cost-effective group medical insurance plans in order to fulfill diverse medical needs of different industries and enhance work performance of employees. Employers and employees will experience a seamless end-to-end insurance journey all within the App, starting from assessing the initial signs of symptoms, finding a clinic and scheduling an appointment, to e-claim services. A professional consultation team is also available online to solve questions regarding group medical insurance plan options, so that entrepreneurs and their HR teams do not need to spend time meeting agents physically, which lowers administrative costs effectively.
Survey found long working hours and high pressure lead to health issues and lower work productivity
StartupCare surveyed over 1,000 founders and representatives of local startups and SMEs from the IT and professional service industries to understand the relationship between group medical insurance plans and business growth. The survey found that local employees often work over 12 hours a day and are frequently under high pressure, which led to various health issues and significantly affected work productivity. It also revealed that employees take 4 days of sick leave a year on average and over 60 percent of respondents insisted on going to work under mental-related strain. The above situation does not only affect work performance, but also costs HKD100 million for enterprises in loss productivity.
Meanwhile, the survey also discovered that nearly half of the respondents do not provide group medical insurance to employees. Local SMEs should not underestimate the importance of employees’ health issues whilst growing their businesses, and especially in an unstable economic environment, group medical insurance plan as a company benefit can help retain quality employees and talents.
StartupCare and Generali offer flexible group medical insurance plans enhanced by a digital healthcare platform
In view of this, StartupCare partners with Generali to provide group medical insurance plans for local startups and SMEs starting from HKD1,800 per year. Insurance plans include extensive coverage, such as local and overseas general and Chinese medical practitioner consultations, physiotherapy, dental and private hospital medical services.
StartupCare targets to help reduce medical expenses for entrepreneurs via highly flexible and affordable group medical plans and build loyalty among employees.
“The professional team of StartupCare has successfully integrated technology with insurance service and launched Hong Kong’s first digitized healthcare platform customized for entrepreneurs and their teams in the startup and SME sectors. It offers a highly flexible group medical insurance solution, enhanced by a seamless and comprehensive digitized insurance journey that ultimately helps to drive the business performance of SMEs through improved employee retention and productivity. StartupCare will continue to innovate in insurtech development, with the aim to provide more extensive and personalized insurance services for SMEs.” said Sebastien Gaudin, Co-Founder of StartupCare.
“At Generali, we are committed to shape a safer future by caring for the lives and dreams of Hong Kong people, and therefore we are thrilled to partner with StartupCare to launch this very innovative group medical insurance. The Generali StartupCare product addresses all the common needs of small businesses and their employees. It is truly comprehensive, simple, cost-effective and avoids hidden surprises for our policyholders,” said David Fontaine, Chief Insurance Officer at Generali Hong Kong.
Additionally, StartupCare differentiates from other existing online insurance platforms with its all- rounded medical and healthcare services, catering for both medical and daily needs. Key features are as below:
Key features of StartupCare
Virtual health assistant
● Voice recognition feature
● 24/7 immediate pre-diagnosis on early symptoms
Medical provider finder
● Broad network of 2500+ medical providers in Hong Kong
● Find the most suitable medical provider by filtering users’ needs and location
Immediate appointment
● Schedule appointment directly in-app to network doctors and find an available time for the soonest visit
● Claims can be submitted and tracked all in-app
Step tracker
● Enable employees to track their daily walking workouts
● Employers can set up “Walking Challenge” campaign to encourage employees to walk more by competing against colleagues for rewards
Exclusive vouchers
● Offers from health-related merchants across Hong Kong, including yoga and fitness


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