Smart Living Platform iPlusLiving Launches, Bringing Smarter Living to Singapore

Image: [L-R] Wilson Teo, Managing Director, Fermax Asia Pacific, Co-Founder, iPlusLiving Nancy Teo, Director, Fermax Asia Pacific, Director, iPlusLiving Amy Leow, Director for Business Development, iPlusLiving Peter Seow, CEO, iPlusLiving


  • iPlusLiving is a Singapore-based startup which provides online property management for smart communities, covering residences, commercial and club properties.
  • The platform was created in partnership with Fermax, a global leader in audio and video door entry, security and home automation. It is co-helmed by Peter Seow, co-founder of ActivPass, and a veteran Singaporean entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and Wilson Teo, Managing Director of Fermax Asia Pacific.
  • Users who are also DBS/POSB customers can convert their DBS Points and POSB Daily$ into Reward Dollars, iPlusLiving’s official in-app virtual currency, to use for in-app purchases.
  • Since its soft launch in 2017, iPlusLiving is already used in 115 condominiums around Singapore – across 65,000 households, with over 140,000 resident users. 
  • In 2020, iPlusLiving aims to expand its reach to commercial entities, roll out new user services while gearing itself for their first regional expansion.



Singapore, 4th March 2020 – iPlusLiving, a Singapore-based smart living platform, has officially launched today in Singapore. The platform was created in partnership with Fermax, a Spanish headquartered global leader in audio and video door entry, security and home automation, iPlusLiving is the brainchild of Peter Seow and Wilson Teo, two Singaporean entrepreneurs with a vision of bringing Singaporeans access to smart living and seamless facility management via an app. iPlusLiving  has already experienced a year-on-year growth of 100 percent since its soft launch in 2017. As of December 2019, iPlusLiving is currently in place across 115 condominiums buildings around Singapore in 65,000 households, with over 140,000 resident users logging 200,000 sessions per month.


iPlusLiving serves as an online engagement system that combines a services management platform for Management Corporations in Strata Titled developments (MCST) such as condominiums. Residents are granted access to a full suite of in-app lifestyle and home features such as the booking of onsite facilities like barbecue pits, ways to engage in social selling within their condo community, settlement of maintenance fees, and access to exclusive deals and privileges from iPlusLiving’s home and lifestyle merchant partners. Consequently, facility managers and agents will benefit from the app’s scalable engagement interface and a whole slew of digitised services such as visitor management, report and auditing and key collection. 


Peter Seow, CEO of iPlusLiving said, “iPlusLiving was created to address the gap in Singapore’s property market, where facilities management was still done traditionally. iPlusLiving, through its partnership with Fermax, is the leading app in Singapore that incorporates plug-and-play integration with the latest advancements in security and smart home systems. We are looking to dominate the new generation of condominium developments in Singapore with over 40 new properties such as Seaside Residences, Grandeur Park Residences and The Tapestry. They have signed with us for the next four years, to cover over 16,000 apartment units.” 


“iPlusLiving introduces residents to a convenient way to access and book condominium facilities through the use of a single app,” said Wilson Teo, Managing Director of Fermax Asia Pacific. “In the long run, we eventually want to develop a more lifestyle-focused app for condominium residents and business while supporting Singapore’s goal of being a Smart Nation through the digitisation of condominium management processes while building a smart community,” added Teo. 


Well positioned to capitalise on Singapore’s US$125 million a year Smart Home market


The launch of iPlusLiving comes at an opportune time with the growing demand for smart homes in Singapore. According to an IGate report “Singapore Smart Home Market, Number, Household Penetration & Key Company Analysis – Forecast to 2025”, the smart home market in Singapore was estimated to be worth over US$125 Million in 2018 and is predicted to grow at a double-digit rate during the forecast period to 2025. Research by ATKearney indicates a high demand for smart home penetration in Singapore despite the relatively low demand in the region given the limited percentage of high-income families and the lack of major domestic smart home companies. The Singapore government has actively been promoting its smart nation initiative, which aims to transform the city-state into a connected nation to improve mobility, health, living, and service standards for its residents.


Reinforcing Seow and Teo’s viewpoints, a spokesperson from MCL Land said, “As a leading property developer, we are proud to be working with iPlusLiving and their technology-first approach to introduce smart living for Singaporeans.  We support iPlusLiving’s growth strategy as they continue to bring innovative solutions to the market and contribute to the long-term vision of a Smart Nation in Singapore. 


Conversion of DBS Points and POSB Daily$ on its app


Partnering with DBS Bank will enable users who are DBS/POSB cardmembers to enjoy a seamless conversion of their DBS Points and POSB Daily$ to Reward Dollars, iPlusLiving’s official in-app virtual currency. Condominium residents may use their Reward Dollars for in-app purchases with iPlusLiving’s merchant products and services such as home maintenance, travel, accommodation, and pet care. iPlusLiving aims to introduce smart living for residents and eventually aims to increase its reach nationwide. 


iPlusLiving is available for download and use at the following condominium residences, including Lake Grande, High Park Residences, Kingsford Waterbay and Sims Urban Oasis, to name a few. The company has also signed partnerships with local e-commerce startups, alcohol delivery provider, Asher BWS and laundromat service, Piing! to expand their services for iPlusLiving’s users and to promote the concept of smart living across other digital verticals. 


In 2020, iPlusLiving looks to roll out more services for condominium residents such as hawker food delivery, ride-sharing and retail rewards as well as to introduce the app into the facilities  management for country clubs and other commercial entities such as office spaces and schools. The startup is also currently in the process of fundraising to improve its marketplace and scale for future expansion. Plans are well underway to expand regionally, with Bangkok and its booming condominium industry as their next target market. Interested users whose condominium properties are partnered with iPlusLiving may download the app for free  on The App Store and Google Play Store.




About iPlusLiving


iPlusLiving is a holistic property management service provider that strives to deliver a thorough & digitised management service to streamline your condo and facility management needs. Driven by the country’s mission to transform Singapore into a smart nation, iPlusLiving digitises your management processes, meeting and simplifying your management issues while building a smart community for the modern world.


Media Contact

PRecious Communications for iPlusLiving

+65 6303 0567


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