Singapore Start-Ups ‘Up’ and Syfe Partner to Provide Peace of Mind Amid Uncertain Times

Two Singapore-based start-ups, life planning platform ‘Up’ by BetterTradeOff ( and digital wealth manager Syfe ( have partnered to help Singaporeans mitigate risk and take control of the future, especially as financial stress rises in the face of recent events. Starting this week, users can directly access digital wealth manager Syfe from inside the ‘Up’ platform, allowing them to seamlessly act on the plans they build, while providing additional insight for selecting the Syfe portfolio that best fits their future goals and needs.


The aim is to help Singaporeans make informed decisions and secure a financially stable future that suits their specific needs and situation as recent events, and a general rise in the cost of living, may threaten their immediate well-being and long-term financial future. Up and Syfe offer innovative online solutions that are changing the way people plan and manage their finances, solutions that they hope will help make the future a little more friendly.


‘Up’ is a revolutionary life planning platform that simplifies the financial planning process, providing people with a do-it-yourself tool for exploring and understanding different financial choices and outcomes. It’s interactive and highly visual, making it easy for people to see and understand the impact of each decision they make, while exploring a wide range of financial situations, including life events, purchasing a new home; expenses and income, savings and investments, education costs, financing, insurance, etc. In essence, putting the future at people’s fingertips.


Syfe is an innovative digital wealth manager that makes it easy and affordable for people to invest in a range of diversified global portfolios. Syfe portfolios are constructed to shield investors from significant losses, preserve the strength of their portfolios, and position them to capture the upside as the market makes its eventual recovery. Using a proprietary investment methodology, Syfe ensures portfolio risk is always kept in line with investors’ risk tolerance. This limits excessive portfolio fluctuations while providing benchmark-beating returns. In this period of unprecedented volatility, Syfe portfolios have remained resilient, with smaller dips in value as compared to the benchmarks and broader market.


Laurent Bertrand, founder and CEO of BetterTradeOff commented: “Planning without action means very little, but taking action without a plan can also be an issue. Finding peace of mind isn’t so easy these days and we hope that partners like Syfe will allow ‘Up’ users to embrace the future with conviction. We developed ‘Up’ to combat the complexities of traditional financial planning, building a fun and easy to use online tool that allows anyone, regardless of financial acumen, to explore and plan a better future through better financial decisions.”


Dhruv Arora, founder and CEO of Syfe said: “We are excited to be working with a great partner like ‘Up’. Both the services work hand-in-hand with each other and I believe that the combination of their platform and our investment offerings will be able to give Singaporeans a holistic service and better their financial well-being.”


Ritesh Ganeriwal, Head of Investment Advisory of Syfe shared: “Good financial planning is key to be able to attain one’s goals. ‘Up’ is a self-service platform that is able to provide a very detailed yet concise structure to the financial planning process, which we believe is important to help Singaporeans make smarter decisions about their money.”


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