SEO Platform Serpstat Releases New Platform

All-in-one Search Engine Optimization (SEO) platform Serpstat has released their modern SEO tool — Checklist. It’s a to-do list which helps monitor the process of carrying out SEO tasks on projects. The tool has ready-made templates with a wide range of options. You can also add your own tasks. Its simple step-by-step structure can explain the process even to newbies in search engine optimization.
Every startup founder tries to maximize the profits from the business as soon as possible. And when it comes to online businesses, more often than not, they choose to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing and social networks to gain traction and profits. These kinds of advertising are very efficient, fast ways to get income. But on the other hand, you need to constantly spend money on them. SEO can help you to the same profit without having to invest large amounts of money, but just a bit slower.
Your startup needs SEO if you have a website, an online store or a mobile app. Most users look for information on search engines and if a website is well-ranked, it’ll increase the volume of visitors and brand awareness.
SEO has a lot of advantages for a new business. For instance, search traffic is a huge part of all referral traffic on the Web. According to SimilarWeb, clicks on social networks make up only 5-6% of referral traffic, whereas, search engines make up 28-29%. SEO helps you get more exact search traffic. Here is further information:

  • People put a lot of stock in digital advertising, but organic search traffic makes up more than 90% of all clicks. 10% or even less are clicks on contextual advertising. Companies all over the world pay at least $40 billion a year for Google AdWords, but organic traffic has a competitive advantage. It’s a lower cost method of attracting clients, which gives a higher probability of retaining a user on a site and a higher conversion rate. It’s a very attractive kind of traffic for every site owner.
  • When a potential client is searching for something, it’s all about wish fulfillment, guided by thoughts like, “I want this thing, and I want it right now!” If your site is exactly what the client is looking for, it’ll have a huge impact on your business.

SEO optimization consists of several steps:

  1. Collection of semantics — a keywords list that characterizes your startup
  2. On-page optimization — experts work on the site in order to meet all the requirements of Google
  3. Off-page optimization — work with catalogs, forums, social networks and different blogs to ensure that the site or application has a powerful backlinks profile

There are a lot of different SEO tools that help to provide such optimization for sites, for example, Serpstat, SEMRush, Ahrefs. They help save time and get good results faster. Recently, Serpstat released a great feature called Checklist for those people who aren’t experts in this niche, or for people who want to monitor the work of their SEO team. It has a list of tasks to optimize a site for search engines. The platform has five main features:
Technical details — checking and adjusting the technical parameters of the project

  1. Content — quality control and optimization of the project’s content
  2. Links — verification and optimization of the links within the project
  3. Business analysis — analysis of project statistics, planningm and internal processes of the project
  4. Other project parameters — analytics, monitoring, regional settings, social factors, reputation, and branding

These features turn the platform into a whole Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for SEO specialists. You can automate tasks to run at regular intervals and get notified if they have been completed. You can also delete any task or category and add your own points. The system also allows users to restore removed tasks or categories.
With the help of this platform, even someone with little knowledge of SEO can optimize a site and the results that users get after using remain effective for a long time. You don’t have to pay a subscription fee every month, either – you pay once and enjoy the consistent benefits of boosted traffic and higher income.


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