SenseTime and GW Technology Launch Smart Epidemic Prevention Facility

SenseTime and GW Technology Launch Smart Epidemic Prevention Facility


World-first integrated facility with AI and disinfection technologies to fight future outbreaks


Hong Kong – June 8, 2020 – SenseTime, the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, has signed an agreement with GW Technology (Golden Wealth Technology), a subsidiary of China Tech Global (Holdings) Ltd. and a leading biotechnology and sanitizing company in Hong Kong, to launch the ‘CLeanTech – Smart Epidemic Prevention Facility’ (the facility) in Hong Kong. This world-first facility integrates SenseTime’s AI thermal scanning technology with GW Technology’s air purifying, nano and photocatalyst technologies all within a custom negative-pressure room. It is able to perform contactless temperature check and conduct automatic full-body disinfection.


This unique innovation will significantly boost local and global efforts to minimize future infections and curb the risk of further outbreaks as countries around the world continue to fight COVID-19.


A formal ceremony celebrated the deployment of Hong Kong’s first collaborative project on epidemic prevention and control technology. Mr Alfred Sit, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, and Ms Rebecca Pun, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, presented inscriptions at the ceremony to celebrate the collaboration between SenseTime and GW Technology on the launch of the CLeanTech – Smart Epidemic Prevention Facility. Mr Sit’s inscription reads “Advocate for technology’s critical role in fighting the pandemic and to safeguard the community” and Ms Pun’s reads “Maximize the full potential of research and technology in fighting the epidemic and helping the communities by bringing tangible benefits to people”.


The ceremony was also attended by Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corp (HKSTP), Patrick Lau, Deputy Chief of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Dr. Ge Ming, General Manager of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at Hong Kong Productivity Council and Gary Yeung, President of Smart City Consortium, among others.


The Facility is equipped with SenseThunder-E mini, an AI-empowered thermal scanner developed by SenseTime. Users are required to have their temperature checked before entering the facility. SenseThunder-E mini utilizes advanced computer vision technology to scan across the forehead to measure the highest point of temperature in less than 0.5 seconds, with an accuracy of ±0.4℃, and at a distance of up to 1.2m from the scanner. In cases of suspected fever or if an individual is not wearing a mask, the system will trigger an alert and entrance gate will remain closed until further action can be taken.


After passing through the temperature check, a person will enter an enclosed channel for full-body disinfection and sanitizing procedures. The interior surface of the channel is treated with antimicrobial coating which kills virus and bacteria using “nano needles” and photocatalyst technology. The channel is also equipped with air vortex which removes and filters dust and bacteria on clothing. The final step is applying sanitizing spray over user’s clothing for disinfection. The channel is kept under negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination between outside and inside environments. The whole process takes about 12-40 seconds depending on the need.


“As a local AI startup, SenseTime works closely with the market to apply AI technologies into daily life. In 2020, SenseTime has developed a series of smart thermal scanning solutions for prevention and control of the epidemic, which have been deployed in a number of countries and markets,” said Mr Shang Hailong, Managing Director of SenseTime Hong Kong. “We’re glad to reach an agreement with GW Technology to leverage the bilateral advantages of the two companies to launch this facility. We see great possibilities and potentials in our collaboration. We hope the facility can contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 globally while safeguarding the community and workforce for re-openings.”


“As a Hong Kong’s sanitizing pioneer, we launched the world’s first innovative disinfection installation CLeanTech in March this year, which is now deployed in Asia World Expo, Hong Kong International Airport and overseas countries such as the Philippines,” said Mr Sammy Tsui, Founder and Managing Director of Golden Wealth Technology Ltd. and China Tech Global (Holdings) Ltd. “GW Technology has received enquiries from Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, the Middle East and Africa, with expectation for CLeanTech to be soon deployed around the world. Equipped with SenseThunder-E mini, CLeanTech can now provide an accurate and effective one-stop temperature measurement and sanitizing service to users. Joining forces with SenseTime, we will continue to introduce smart innovation that integrates artificial intelligence with sanitizing technology to Hong Kong and the rest of the world. We hope to contribute to the recovery of Hong Kong and the world’s economy and help people to restore daily life.”


SenseThunder-E mini has already been deployed at multiple restaurants chains, cafeterias and schools across Hong Kong to ensure safe resumption of operations. At the ceremony, SenseTime also authorized GW Technology to be its Hong Kong and Macau distributor for epidemic prevention products. Moving forward, SenseTime and GW Technology will work closely together to introduce the Facility to overseas markets and support the epidemic prevention through innovative technologies. The two companies will also collaborate to promote cutting-edge AI technologies and solutions abroad, boosting the global presence of Hong Kong innovation and technologies.


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