SCAD professor Gianluca Cinquepalmi releases book on design-driven business development and value

SCAD professor Gianluca Cinquepalmi releases book on design-driven business development and value
A deep-dive and practical guide introducing a fresh model to help evaluate and improve brands and businesses
HONG KONG —May 7, 2019 — Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Hong Kong is honored to announce the launch of Business Beyond Design, a book by Gianluca Cinquepalmi, Associate Chair of Communication Arts and Professor of Advertising and Graphic Design. The book presents a thorough framework on what it takes to differentiate and be valued in a globalized economy through insights on entrepreneurship and design. It reached #1 best seller in the Nonprofit Management & Leadership, also ranked #1 in the Advertising category (new release) and #4 in the Education Problem Solving category.
The latest book is an iteration of Timeless Design and covers topics such as distinguishing between image and identity, the beauty of sustainable failure, the dark side of design and a fresh look at how to think strategically, foster creativity and transform businesses. While many believe that good design boosts sales, business design builds culture and that is what will bring longevity and innovation to businesses. It is currently available on Amazon via Kindle and soon to be in print on demand.
“I have spent time working in both the East and West, launching new products for companies like FIAT and Lee Kum Kee to developing integrated campaigns for Bayer and United Nations WFP, and creating special editions and new images for Ducati, Nespresso and Sony Music. These experiences developed my passion for the industry and have culminated in research-driven books, of which I disseminate and teach to my students at SCAD. The books I create aim to serve as a model on successfully building design-driven businesses, brands and strategies, applicable to both students and professionals,” said Gianluca.
In more than ten years working in the Design and Branding industry, Gianluca has managed and developed award-winning agencies in Milan, Hong Kong, Barcelona and Sydney. His book, Business Beyond Design showcases an appreciation of the art and science behind designing successful businesses by outlining the philosophies and


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