Protect your network with GlassWire Free Firewall

October 10, 2019: GlassWire is proud to announce the release of an update for its free firewall software. Version 2.1.167 adds several improvements including a more intuitive animation when switching between firewall modes and a bug fix that addresses the problem of blocked applications going into the wrong category.

Protect your online privacy and security

Information security and privacy has become the concern of the century in an age when cyberattacks are on the rise and advertising companies collect more and more data about people. Your internet exchanges a vast range of information ranging from completely innocuous to highly sensitive, which is why relying solely on features built into your operating system is no longer enough to keep your online life protected.

With GlassWire Free Firewall, you can instantly see who or what your PC is talking to over your network. Every application and service is monitored to ensure you’re always kept informed, and you can view which websites and people have connected to your computer in the past. Everything is displayed in an intuitive visual format, which shows connections, bandwidth used and provides automatic alerts if a potentially suspicious activity takes place.

GlassWire Free Firewall provides up-to-date detection for malware and any apps that might leave your computer open to a security or privacy breach. It also helps you identify and eliminate bandwidth hogs to optimize the performance of your internet connection. It will warn you if ever changes are made to your network or apps, and you can monitor other PCs connected to your network to tell if an unknown device joins.

Combining network usage monitoring and powerful security and privacy, this solution offers a powerful and user-friendly set of functions that go far beyond the basic capabilities included in Windows and Android. You can also buy the Pro, Basic, or Elite versions to enjoy even more powerful functions. Find out more at


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