Product Review: VAGO

By Jerry Cheuk


VAGO is a great product for anyone who travels frequently but wants to use a small suitcase. This light and portable air compressor can save you luggage space or space anywhere in your home.


I personally think that air compressors and vacuum storage bags are nothing new, but what attracted me to VAGO was the small size. It fits in the palm of my hand, and it was lighter and smaller than most power banks. It’s something I could fit in my pocket.


I tried VAGO with clothes that I needed to carry in my backpack. I felt that it was generally user-friendly. The steps were simple to follow: I only had attach VAGO to the vacuum bag, plug in the power, and press start. After that, I just had to wait for the compression to be completed.


While it made a bit of noise during the compression process, it was fairly quiet relative to other vacuums. The packaging mentioned that the whole compression would take five minutes to complete. I expected that it would take less than that, but it truly did take about five minutes. So for anyone who is in a rush, or doesn’t have the patience, this might be an issue to look out for.


One thing I liked was that VAGO has a built-in pressure detector. I worried about over-doing the compression, especially since I wasn’t sure what the consequences would be. However, VAGO stopped automatically when the compression was complete, and the light changed from green to orange.


In conclusion, I find VAGO to be a great invention that really helps saving luggage space. It’s especially suitable for large families who need to fit a lot in small spaces. One other consideration is that VAGO only works in the vacuum bag tailored specifically for VAGO products–you can’t use any ziplock bag you want, which is a cost to consider. Although VAGO already comes with a vacuum bag, if you want additional ones, you would need to purchase separately.


VAGO and vacuum bags are available for purchase in online and offline retail stores now, in Black, Pink, White, and Purple based on your preference.


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