[Press Release] Wildcats Appoints Former Carro COO to Lead Global Growth

Andy Choi joins Wildcats as Global Head of Innovation to change the game of corporate innovation and entrepreneurship

Singapore – February 1, 2021 – Wildcats, the open innovation platform connecting ambitious organisations with uncommon entrepreneurial talent, announces today the appointment of Andy Choi as Global Head of Innovation.

Choi joins Wildcats from automotive marketplace Carro where he was Chief Operating Officer. In January 2021, The Straits Times named Carro the fastest growing company in Singapore. As COO, Choi led Carro’s growth in Southeast Asia and grew the platform’s wholesale business into a key revenue driver for the company, while spearheading the car subscription services that allow motorists greater flexibility when it comes to car ownership.

At Wildcats, Choi is responsible for connecting corporations and budding entrepreneurs, encouraging a mindset of ‘C2B’, consumer-to-business, rather than the traditional B2C. With access to more diverse talent, businesses can more effectively solve existing challenges, uncover new revenue streams and maintain relevancy. Wildcats works with organisations seeking fresh perspectives and connects them to talent they can’t typically reach- people with big ideas who may be limited by finances, location or education.

In addition to his experience at Carro, Choi also brings transformation and innovation expertise from StarHub, Whispir and Great Eastern. At the latter, he was the user experience lead in the Group Digital Transformation Office and oversaw numerous projects that improved trust and rapport between insurance agents and customers through more user-centred use of technology.

“True innovation comes from consistently challenging existing processes and turning to unexpected sources for ideas and inspiration,” said Choi. “There are millions of bright, resilient and creative people all around us from mom-and-pop shops to factory workers, teenagers to taxi drivers. Wildcats unites established businesses with the dreamers and doers of the world in a shared vision of success, boosting equality, diversity and inclusion as well as corporate growth and competitiveness.”

Choi has already helped to drive several initial corporate challenges at Wildcats, the system via which entrepreneurs submit their ideas. In a recent case, Singha Vietnam wanted to find better ways to connect with younger, ‘Gen Z’ audiences. Wildcats developed a challenge and opened the brief to anyone with a good idea. The winners were young students who proposed ‘delivering parties at homestays’. Wildcats is helping to incubate the 16-year-old female founder as they turn their business dream into a reality.

“Innovation has long been a game for the ‘1%’, discussed in the confines of universities and boardrooms,” said Melissa Lo, CEO of Wildcats. “Wildcats’ ambition is to open up opportunities for the remaining 99%, democratising innovation directly to consumer audiences and driving positive social impact. Andy’s experience in forging new paths for growing businesses makes him the ideal person to marry the business objectives of our corporate partners with the hidden entrepreneurial talent all around us.”

Wildcats is currently developing several new corporate challenges across Southeast Asia and beyond that will be open to participants across the region, having recently completed challenges in the US, Myanmar and Thailand in addition to Vietnam. Wildcats has a mandate of launching 3000 ventures into the ASEAN startup ecosystem by 2023.

About Wildcats

Wildcats’ mission is to empower organisations and individuals to explore, experiment and create new pathways to business success. In helping to connect ambitious organisations with up and coming and hidden talent, Wildcats reduces the risk and uncertainty in innovating, enabling business leaders to trial solutions and get results fast while providing new opportunities to a diverse range of creators, ideators and entrepreneurs. Find out more at www.wildcats.io.



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