[ Press Release ] ReThink HK, the City’s Most Ambitious Business Event for Sustainable Development Returns #AccelerateTheChange

ReThink HK

[26 April 2022, Hong Kong] The third edition of ReThink HK returns to the city on 05 – 06 October this year at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to convene a two-day expo and gather business leaders, sustainability practitioners, and like-minded delegates to explore sustainable developments and solutions from a Hong Kong context.  

As Hong Kong’s best attended and most ambitious business event for sustainable development,  ReThink HK will continue its mission to facilitate transformation and accelerate change towards a more sustainable environment, society, and economy through a series of content- and innovation-led events. 

New wine in a sustainable bottle 

Progression requires the addition of new ideas. ReThink HK 2022 expands its solution showcase by introducing new pavilions to provide specialized sustainable products, services, and solutions to different sectors, including the European Pavilion, PropTech Pavilion, and Startup Pavilion. In addition,  ReThink HK will also introduce the Sustainability Leaders VIP Lounge, a dedicated networking space to facilitate conversations between top business leaders to exchange ideas, foster future collaborations, and accelerate Hong Kong’s sustainable development.  

As an addition to the six original themed conference theatres and stages, ReThink HK 2022 will introduce the brand-new “Future Leaders Stage” to focus on identifying and nurturing the next generation of leaders to empower the city’s sustainable development. The content-led conference expo hybrid will invite more than 300 expert speakers to share their visions and insights with the audience across seven themed conference theatres and stages, covering important topics including economic progression while coexisting with nature harmoniously, efficient use of resources,  transformation to a low-carbon society, and circular economy for future generations. 

At the Sustainable Partnerships Theatre this year, the two full-day summit returns with refreshed  directions: while “HK2050isNow Energy & Mobility Summit” on Day 1 will explore the feasibility of  Hong Kong becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2050, “Green Monday Food & ESG Summit” on Day 2 

will discuss key topics including the business of sustainable F&B and investment to drive a positive change, bringing the audience the topics that address the rapidly changing landscape of environmental and social sustainability. 

While sustainable strategies, net-zero, and circular economy remain as priority topics at ReThink HK’s “Sustainable Transformation Theatre”, the newly added “Rethinking Workforce Transformation”  programme will introduce expert insight focusing on diversity and inclusion to raise the society’s awareness of these issues. 

“The sustainable transformation of Hong Kong is everyone’s business, and it will require the contribution of all businesses, big and small. ReThink HK has been designed to offer insight, ideas, and inspiration to those responsible for researching and resourcing new sustainability strategies – and the two-day programme has sessions relevant to all job functions and industries. By working together, we  can accelerate the changes needed to secure a green future for our city!” Mr. Chris Brown, Founder &  Director, ReThink HK. 

A renewed partnership with Business Environment Council 

Following a successful partnership with Business Environment Council (BEC) in 2021, ReThink HK is pleased to collaborate with BEC again this year as the exclusive co-organizer of the event, demonstrating BEC’s continuous support in advancing environmental excellence and sustainable development in the business sector. The robust partnership will strengthen stakeholders’ engagement and business synergy in the private sector to facilitate the development of the circular economy and prepare for a net-zero Hong Kong. 

At ReThink HK 2022, BEC will deliver its refreshed contents, namely “Mainstreaming Circularity in  Business Strategies and Practices” on Day 1 and “Mainstreaming Sustainability for SMEs” on Day 2 at the BEC Sustainable Business Theatre to highlight the importance of circular economy transformation for future generations and discuss the challenges and opportunities in business sustainability for the city’s SMEs. 

“BEC has been advocating, promoting, and enabling a sustainable and low-carbon transformation in  Hong Kong’s business sector since our establishment in 1992. To celebrate BEC’s 30th anniversary this year, we will put together a programme at ReThink HK 2022 to drive and empower business ambition and commitment into real action and to accelerate sustainable transformation. This event can further visualize BEC’s vision in promoting corporate sustainability and inspiring change in business strategies,”  said Simon Ng, Chief Executive Officer of BEC. 

Greater synergy across industries 

ReThink HK continues to receive support from well-established businesses from various sectors for its  2022 edition, including sustainability and environmental consultancies AEC Group and ERM, EngTech company Negawatt, plastic waste recycling joint venture New Life Plastics, supply chain compliance solutions provider QIMA, testing, and certification company SGS, intelligent manufacturing technology company SmartMore, a major contractor in energy and waste management Veolia, and United Overseas  Bank one of Asia’s leading banks committed to financing a sustainable future. These, plus 3000+  attendees from Hong Kong’s conglomerates, MNCs, SMEs, and international trading companies will 

gather, united, and be part of the ever-growing ecosystem of purposeful businesses that will contribute towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable Hong Kong, for everyone.  

For more information, please visit ReThink HK’s website: https://rethink-event.com/ 

About ReThink HK 

ReThink HK is a unique annual event that helps organizations align sustainable business practices at every stage of their value chain, and showcases innovation and solutions accelerating sustainable transformation. ReThink unites the ecosystem so all stakeholders and communities can contribute to and look forward to a climate-smart and equitable city, for everyone. All delegate fees contribute to funding local impact projects with Hong Kong charities.  

Please refer ReThink HK 2022 Event Programme here 

For sponsorship, partnership or media enquiries, please contact:

Chris Brown Founder & Director [email protected] +852 5966 3137
Carmen Ip Partnerships & Marketing  Manager[email protected] +852 6730 5432


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