[Press Release] Pangyao App – Hong Kong’s First Lifestyle App for Migrant and Domestic Workers!


Pangyao – a Hong Kong-based social enterprise founded to improve the daily lives of migrant communities – is thrilled to announce the launch of the city’s first lifestyle smartphone app dedicated to migrant workers.

The Pangyao Android app, available to download now from the Google Play app store, takes all of the popular features from the PANGYAO.HK website and makes them even more accessible, building on Pangyao’s ongoing goal of bringing the migrant community closer together and encouraging unity, regardless of background, nationality or religion.

Initially launched in November 2019, Pangyao offers the often overlooked migrant community in Hong Kong a “home away from home” – a place where users can build friendships, share stories and make their voices heard. The existing PANGYAO.HK website is a community-based web portal, featuring a wide range of interactive and free-to-use features and resources to support the migrant population, not only in their working lives but also assisting them to make the most of their free time in the city.

The full press release is available via Google Drive, in English, Tagalog and Chinese:


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