[ Press Release ] One Of The Biggest Platform For Downloading Pirated E-books (PDFORIGIN) Decided To Stop Sharing eBooks


A Decision of Strong Morals From Owners of PDFORIGIN – An ex-pirate heaven for booklovers

PDFORIGIN’s Co-Founders, Tabraiz Bukhari and Mustafa Saleem announced earlier this month that they would stop posting the pirated books on their website. They also reported that they had removed all the Pdf files of thousands of books from their website.
PDFORIGIN was founded in 2013 by young entrepreneurs from Lahore, Pakistan, in a quest to make books accessible for those who are unable to afford them. They started providing Pdf books of every genre to those in need. Their website was a big success and started having millions of visitors a month worldwide. The most significant traffic sources were countries like the USA, UK, Philippines, Africa, and India.
Recently they started receiving emails from authors asking them to remove the books from their website.
These were small authors who were trying to make it into the big industry of publishing. It was a shock to them when they found out that many people around the world were losing money because of their services. As Tabraiz Bukhari, one of the Co-Founder and Marketing Lead at Pdforigin stated:
“We really though that we were doing good by providing books to people in poor country. But we didn’t know that so many authors were suffering because of this”.
After these emails, they decided to change their business model and provide information about the books to the community of book lovers and remove all the pirated books from their website.
They have decided to give free books to the third-world country from the revenue they will earn by writing reviews on books. They are also revamping their website and making it easy for people to review the books they love.
The debate around copyright laws is still ongoing, but events like these are game-changing in this debate.
Media Contact
Company Name: PDFORIGIN
Contact Person: Tabraiz Bukhari
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03018323730
Address: 10 E Block, Angoor Bagh Scheme Baghbanpura Lahore
City: Lahore
State: Punjab
Country: Pakistan
Website: https://pdforigin.info/


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