Enterprise Asia, the organiser of the prestigious fifteenth Asia Pacific Enterprise  Awards (APEA) 2021 Regional Edition is pleased to recognise 59 exceptional award  recipients who have exemplified excellence and perseverance in this unprecedented period. The APEA awardees have proven resiliency and accelerated tremendously to  overcome the unprecedented economic conditions wrought by the global pandemic.  

The APEA, an initiative by Enterprise Asia, the region’s leading NGO, is the largest  regional recognition and acknowledgement programme for trailblazers in the business  community. APEA prides itself as a testament to the commitment, aspiration, and true  entrepreneurship. With over 800 nominations received each year, and about seven percent were commended to the most deserving for recognition. This year, an impressive number of 130 finalists from 15 countries were up for consideration in the  final round of judging and only 59 were crowned as award recipients.  

Richard Tsang, President of Enterprise Asia stated in his welcome speech, “We knew  fifteen years ago, that the way forward for entrepreneurs and enterprises and our  interactions with the rest of the world rests in our ability to inspire and promote equity  and equality in a world rife with differences and inequality.” 

Since 2007, APEA has recognised leading lights within a variety of business  industries, whilst rewarding remarkable success in four categories – Master  Entrepreneur, Fast Enterprise, Inspirational Brand, and Corporate Excellence  category. Over 40% of high achieving winning recipients from the Corporate  Excellence category have further shown that enterprises have accomplished strong  results of entrepreneurial excellence and resilience despite this challenging period. 

B.Grimm Power Public Co., Ltd’s Chairman & President, Dr. Harald Link, was  accorded the Entrepreneur of the Year of the APEA 2021 Regional Edition. Among  the notable Master Entrepreneur Category winners include Dr. Ming-Hsi Chuang,  President of the Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, and 

Sara Lamsam, CEO & President of Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company  Limited from Thailand.  

Further esteemed winning enterprises from the Inspirational Brand Category are  E.SUN Financial Holding Company Ltd. from Taiwan and Nu Skin Southeast Asia  (NSE Asia Products Pte Ltd) from Singapore. Fredley Group of Companies from the  Philippines and MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd from Singapore was a part of the winning  recipients for the Fast Enterprise Category. Bahwan CyberTek from India; CITIC  Telecom International CPC Limited from Hong Kong; KWG Group Holdings from  China; PT Mora Telematika Indonesia from Indonesia and Rizal Commercial Banking  Corporation from the Philippines was awarded under the Corporate Excellence  Category.  

Prior to the APEA, the Asia Entrepreneurship Forum (AEF) 2021 was held in the day and was made possible by the virtual environment. The forum was convened with  more than 300 C-suite level executives and business leaders from China, Bahrain,  Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,  Thailand, and other parts of the region.  

Centred around the theme ‘The Great Reset: Towards a Sustainable Recovery’, the  forum provides a regional platform for leading thought leaders across sectors to  stimulate pressing topics, balancing major reset transitions and focusing on the road  to recovery. 

Enterprise Asia’s Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Fong Chan Onn remarked at the forum’s  opening: “To usher in the organisation of the future, leaders should reimagine the  basic principles of human resources in the organisation and putting people in the core.  Any meaningful change must be led by the board and the CEO, to drive meaningful  change in leadership, culture, and employee experience for a resilient recovery.” 

Among the speakers were Alexander Grenz, President and CEO of Allianz PNB Life  Inc.; David Stock, Vice President, Marketing of UPS Asia Pacific; Godelieve Van  Dooren, CEO Southeast Asia Growth Markets & Asia Career Business leader of  Mercer; Jennifer Di, HR Director, Southeast Asia & Global Functions APAC of Baxter;  Martin Chee, General Manager of IBM ASEAN; Nitin Goil, Director, Workforce  Transformation & Leadership at Deloitte Southeast Asia; Ras Scollay. Senior Vice  President of Business Development (Asia) at DCI Data Centers, Australia; Sam Wong,  EY Asean Markets Leader at EY Singapore; Shashank Luthra, Managing Director,  Services and Software Sales, ASEAN at Cisco; Simon Kahn, Chief Marketing Officer  of Google Asia Pacific and Vish Iyer, Vice President, Cisco Architectures, APJC at Cisco. 

The APEA 2021 Regional Edition and AEF 2021 are supported by Angel Investment  Network Indonesia (ANGIN), Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Indonesian  Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Institut Keusahawanan Negara Berhad  (INSKEN), Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (MTCC), Malaysian Industrial  Development Authority (MIDA), Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and  Cooperatives (MEDAC), National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (NIEI),  Singapore Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC), SME Corporation Malaysia, The  Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (HK and Macau) Limited (MAYCHAM). PR  Newswire as the Official News Release Distribution Partner; BusinessWorld,  Commercial Times, Daily Tribune, Hong Kong Economic Times, Jumpstart,  Kumparan, New Delhi Times, SME, The Nation and The Standard as media partners.


Dr. Harald Link Chairman and President B.Grimm Power Public Co., Ltd. Energy I Thailand
Dato’ Sri Victor Hii Lu  ThianManaging Director & Chairman ASTEEL SDN BHD ManufacturingMalaysia
Dato’ Munirah Looi Founder & CEO Brandt International Sdn Bhd Professional & Business ServicesMalaysia
Dennis Anthony H. Uy Founder & CEO Converge ICT Solutions Inc. Telecommunications & ICTPhilippines
MP Tsai Founder & CEO eCloudvalley Digital Technology  Co., Ltd  Telecommunications & ICT Taiwan
Sudhir Agarwal Founder & CEO Everise Professional & Business ServicesSingapore
Avin C. Ong Founder, Chairman & CEO Fredley Group of Companies Food & BeveragePhilippines
Dr. Ming-Hsi Chuang President Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Taiwan
Technology Co., Ltd. Healthcare, Pharmaceutical &  Biotechnology
Rama Shankar Pandey Managing Director Hella India Lighting Ltd AutomotiveIndia
Kirapat Jiamset Governor Metropolitan Electricity Authority EnergyThailand
Sara Lamsam President & CEO Muang Thai Life Assurance Public  Company Limited Financial ServicesThailand
Nazeer Ahamed Mohamed  ZackiriahFounder & Managing Director Nazmi Textile Mall RetailBrunei
Vannee Leelavechbutr Founder & CEO Neo Target Company Limited  Professional & Business ServicesThailand
Chuwit Jungtanasomboon CEO North East Rubber Public  Company Limited AgricultureThailand
Kevin Tsai CEO & General Manager PChome Online Inc. E-commerceTaiwan
Ang Ken Choon Managing Director Pilot Construction Sdn Bhd ConstructionMalaysia
Patcharasri Benjamas Founder POWERSHOT Co., Ltd. Consumer GoodsThailand
Vishal Tulsian President Director & CEO PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk Financial ServicesIndonesia
Kumar A/L Manokharan Founder & Managing Director Vyramid Electrical & Engineering  Sdn Bhd  EngineeringMalaysia
William Chiang Founder & Chairman William Tools Co., Ltd. Industrial & Commercial ProductsTaiwan
Ang Lee Leong Founder & Managing Director Yew Lee Pacific Manufacturer Sdn Bhd ManufacturingMalaysia
Benajaya Sdn Bhd Construction Malaysia
Bintang Bulk Mover Sdn  BhdTransportation & Logistics Malaysia
BSC Resources Sdn Bhd Construction Malaysia
Fredley Group of  CompaniesFood & Beverage Philippines
MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd Financial Services Singapore
Medicap Sdn Bhd Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals &  BiotechnologyMalaysia
One Universal Production  Sdn BhdMedia & Entertainment Malaysia
Pasaraya MM Sdn Bhd Retail Malaysia
PChome Online Inc. E-commerce Taiwan
The Immigration People  Pte. Ltd.Professional & Business Services Singapore
Vyramid Electrical &  Engineering Sdn BhdEngineering Malaysia
ACM Landholdings, Inc. Property Development Philippines
Bravo Ideas Digital Co.,  Ltd Telecommunications & ICT Taiwan
Chung Hwa Pulp  CorporationManufacturing Taiwan
E.SUN Financial Holding  Company Ltd. Financial Services Taiwan
Farglory Life Insurance  Co., Ltd.Financial Services Taiwan
Fontrip Technology Co.,  Ltd.Hospitality, Food Service &  TourismTaiwan
Fredley Group of  CompaniesFood & Beverage Philippines
Metropolitan Electricity  AuthorityEnergy Thailand
Natural Beauty Bio Technology Co., Ltd.Manufacturing Taiwan
Nu Skin Southeast Asia (NSE Asia Products Pte Ltd)Direct Selling Singapore
PChome Online Inc. E-commerce Taiwan
POWERSHOT Co., Ltd. Consumer Goods Thailand
Rizal Commercial Banking  Corporation (RCBC)Financial Services Philippines
Shiny Brands Group Co.,  Ltd.Cosmetic Taiwan
TENZ International Limited Industrial & Commercial Products Taiwan
William Tools Co., Ltd. Industrial & Commercial Products Taiwan
AEM Holdings Ltd. Semiconductor Singapore
ASTEEL SDN BHD Manufacturing Malaysia
Bahwan CyberTek Telecommunications & ICT India
BDO Unibank, Inc. Financial Services Philippines
Brandt International Sdn  BhdProfessional & Business Services Malaysia
CITIC Telecom  International CPC Limited Telecommunications & ICT Hong Kong
Converge ICT Solutions  Inc.Telecommunications & ICT Philippines
E.SUN Financial Holding  Company Ltd. Financial Services Taiwan
Everise Professional & Business Services Singapore
EVERLIGHT Electronics  Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Taiwan
Farglory Life Insurance  Co., Ltd.Financial Services Taiwan
Government Savings Bank Financial Services Thailand
Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied  Technology Co., Ltd.Healthcare, Pharmaceutical &  BiotechnologyTaiwan
KWG Group Holdings Property Development China
Miri Port Authority Transportation & Logistics Malaysia
Muang Thai Life  Assurance Public  Company LimitedFinancial Services Thailand
National Bank Of Bahrain  B.S.C.Financial Services Bahrain
Pasaraya MM Sdn Bhd Retail Malaysia
PT Bank Amar Indonesia  TbkFinancial Services Indonesia
PT Mora Telematika  IndonesiaTelecommunications & ICT Indonesia
PT. AXA Financial  IndonesiaFinancial Services Indonesia
Quantum Automation Pte  Ltd Telecommunications & ICT Singapore
REIJU Construction Co.,  Ltd.Construction Taiwan
Rizal Commercial Banking  Corporation (RCBC)Financial Services Philippines
Shih Hsiang Auto Parts  Co., LtdManufacturing Taiwan
Sri Kota Specialist Medical  CentreHealthcare, Pharmaceuticals &  BiotechnologyMalaysia
Thai Wah Public Company  LimitedAgriculture Thailand
UHS Essential Health  Philippines, Inc.Direct Selling Philippines
UTECHZONE Semiconductor Taiwan
Westports Malaysia Sdn  BhdTransportation & Logistics Malaysia

Media Contact 

Ms Nerissa Ng 

Enterprise Asia 

(60) 3 7803 0312

About Enterprise Asia 

Enterprise Asia is a non-governmental organization in pursuit of creating an Asia that  is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive  economic and social development within a world of economic equality. Its two pillars  of existence are investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship. Enterprise  Asia works with governments, NGOs and other organizations to promote  competitiveness and entrepreneurial development, in uplifting the economic status of  people across Asia and in ensuring a legacy of hope, innovation and courage for the  future generation. For further information, visit 

About Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 

Launched in 2007, the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards is the region’s most prestigious  awards for outstanding entrepreneurship, continuous innovation and sustainable  leadership. The Award provides a platform for companies and governments to  recognize entrepreneurial excellence, hence spurring greater innovation, fair business  practices and growth in entrepreneurship. As a regional award, it groups together  leading entrepreneurs as a powerful voice for entrepreneurship and serves as a by invitation only networking powerhouse. The program has grown to encompass 14  countries and markets all over Asia. For further information, visit 

About Asia Entrepreneurship Forum  

Asia Entrepreneurship Forum is an open platform that brings global business leaders  and the entrepreneurial community together to foster a synergistic business environment for leaders to connect, collaborate, and unite as a colossal voice to foster opportunities. Please visit entrepreneurship-forum-2021/.


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