[Press Release] Insider Supports Organic Skincare Retailer Melvita: Boosting Conversions by 28% Through AI-Powered Social Proof Messaging Feature

Singapore-based Insider, a profitable SaaS company that takes a unique approach to Multichannel Experience Orchestration, has partnered up with the defender of organic beauty products, Melvita, on a new social validation campaign to increase consumer conversion rate to their website and overall UX experience this summer.

Trusted by more than 800 global enterprise brands, Insider’s AI-powered Growth Management Platform enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with an AI-powered intent engine, and orchestrate and deliver individualized experiences to customers. Insider’s channel integrations take minutes, ultimately enabling digital marketers to drive growth across online channels.

Offering the pure power of nature for over 30 years in bottles, Melvita is best known for their award-winning organic floral waters and loved by many beauty enthusiasts in Hong Kong. With the observation that the product page on their website had contributed to a handful of high volume exits and a low Add-to-Cart rate, Insider was able to provide Melvita a range of new personalized features that enabled high conversion to their website, focusing on their overall strategy to improve customer experience to drive e-business revenue.

To convince hesitant shoppers, Insider implemented a social validation feature that shows the number of other users that were looking at the product at the same time. This formula of adopting psychological marketing manifested a clear consumer preference to ‘safety in numbers’ and boost a boost in confidence in purchasing decisions in the checkout stages, enabling Melvita to offer the purest of natural beauty products to many consumers across Asia.

Insider was quick to devise and establish personalized campaigns to drive consumer retention that included specific segmentations resulting in an overall 28% conversion uplift on Melvita’s website. Highlights on a winning feature of social proof that proved a rosy 107% increase in revenue that further gained 88% new customers to their website during the summer season.

“The decision to become Insider’s partner has been a brilliant move. We now have the capabilities and the tools we need to drive revenue across our digital channels and the confidence to move forward in ensuring a well-strategized plan of campaigns to drive growth for the summer season and rest of the year.” said Ceres Yu, Digital Marketing & Brand Communications Manager of Melvita, L’Occitane.

Insider also recently announced its $32 million Series C funding round, bringing total funding to date to $47 million. The round was led by Riverwood Capital and was joined by Sequoia India, Wamda, and Endeavor Catalyst. With this encouragement, Insider has specially created an e-book called “12 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Growth Marketing Secrets, Unwrapped”, hoping to continue guiding brands like Melvita to change the face of the digital customer experience for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. Sign up directly on the Insider website to receive a free copy of the guide and learn how to drive sales, win new customers and create consumer excitement in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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