[ Press Release ] Inaugural InnoEX Promoting Hong Kong’s Innovation And Technology Development

28 March 2023 – Innovation and technology (I&T) play an important role in Hong Kong’s development blueprint, especially in the growing demand for smart city technologies and applications, bringing more opportunities for technology companies and start-ups. Leveraging Hong Kong’s role as an innovation and technology hub, the first-ever InnoEX, jointly organised by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), will bring together international exhibitors and buyers, officials from Mainland China and ASEAN tech experts, research centres and thought leaders to promote cross-regional, cross-industry and cross-sector cooperation through I&T exchange. Taking place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 12 to 15 April, alongside the HKTDC-organised Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition), under the theme of “Connecting the World with Innovations for Better Living”, the three major technology exhibitions are set to attract over 2,600 exhibitors from 19 countries and regions, highlighting Hong Kong’s growing strength as a centre for technology and innovation, while also reflecting further normalisation of international trade after Hong Kong’s re-opening.

At a press conference held today to introduce this year’s technology exhibitions, Ms. Sophia Chong, Deputy Executive Director of the HKTDC, said: ” HKTDC is committed to promoting innovation and technology, fostering start-ups and promoting Hong Kong’s development in the digital economy and smart city through a series of events themed on I&T, and promoting the strength of local I&T to the Mainland and overseas markets. The inaugural InnoEX is the flagship event of Business of Innovation and Technology Week (BITWeek), driven by the Government of HKSAR and HKTDC. BITWeek also features the HKTDC’s Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the Digital Economy Summit co-organised by the HKSAR Government and Cyberport. Alongside the 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival that will be held concurrently, the series of events reflect Hong Kong’s determination to develop into an international centre for innovation and technology, confirming Hong Kong’s leading position as an international trade exhibition centre.

Cross-industry cooperation facilitates commercialisation of innovation achievements.

The Central Government has pledged to support Hong Kong’s development as an international I&T centre under its 14th Five-Year Plan, with the aim of promoting the development of I&T. As a key highlight of the forthcoming three technology fairs, the inaugural InnoEX will build on the success of the HKTDC’s International ICT Expo by showcasing exceptional innovations and a range of cutting-edge I&T solutions on smart living, inviting reputable international experts and opinion leaders to discuss some of the most important issues in the area of technological development. InnoEX will promote multifaceted cooperation, including business-to-business (B2B), government-to-government (G2G), and government-to-business (G2B), and will help to build bridges between technology institutions and markets with an aim to promote the commercialisation of innovations, as well as support global market expansion. On the first day of the event, Professor Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, will officiate at the opening ceremony, and Professor Zhang Guangjun, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, will deliver the keynote address.

“Smart Hong Kong Pavilion” and AIR@InnoHK showcase cutting-edge tech solutions

The first-ever InnoEX focuses on several themes, including the Smart City, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Government, Smart Living and Smart Mobility. The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the HKSAR will set up the “Smart Hong Kong Pavilion”, featuring more than 100 innovative solutions for driving the smart city development in Hong Kong, including technology solutions adopted by government departments and winning exhibits from local innovators. The Innovation and Technology Commission, meanwhile, will present AI & robotics projects undertaken by 14 research laboratories in collaboration with world-renowned universities under InnoHK.

Close cooperation already exists between Hong Kong and Mainland China in relation to I&T development. Twelve pavilions from 10 Mainland China provinces and cities will join the exhibition to promote technological exchange and cooperation. The pavilions include Zhongguancun Beijing, Hong Kong Alumni Association of Beijing Universities, pavilions from Zhejiang and Hangzhou, pavilions from Jiangsu and Nanjing, Qingdao Qilu Software Park, G60 Shanghai Songjiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, the Hong Kong / Shanghai Data Cooperation Pavilion, Shenzhen Pavilion, and pavilions from Xiamen and Chengdu respectively.

Other exhibitors include local universities and research institutions, leading technology companies such as Huawei and Hikvision, and multiple local and overseas pavilions, including B4B Challenge, Cyberport, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, Smart City Consortium, the French “So French So Innovative” pavilion and a Canadian pavilion.

At the same time, representatives from government, relevant industry sectors, academia and research sectors from around the world, including industry giants such as Tencent, Samsung Electronics and Alibaba, will also be present to learn about exhibitors’ solutions and/or place purchase orders.

ASEAN officials attend Roundtable to discuss experiences in smart city development

Various countries in the ASEAN bloc are actively developing smart cities, and the InnoEX event will serve as an ideal platform to promote cooperation among them. Over 60 government officials from ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam as well as from Mainland China, who are responsible for promoting smart city development will visit InnoEX, Some of them will participate in the ASEAN Roundtable, where they will share their experiences with representatives from the HKSAR Government and exhibitors from different countries and regions. This will also provide an opportunity for exhibitors and officials to establish connections and promote cooperation.

Distinguished international experts share latest technological trends

Another highlight event is the InnoEX Forum, with internationally renowned technology experts invited as keynote speakers. Named by Forbes as a ground-breaking female entrepreneur in Southeast Asia, Dr. Ayesha Khanna, CEO of Addo AI and a strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, smart cities, and the metaverse to leading corporations and governments worldwide including SMRT (Singapore’s prominent public transport company), Pfizer, SOMPO (Japan’s largest insurance firm), Habib Bank and Smart Dubai etc. Ayesha will share her insights on how companies can utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to stay ahead of the competition. Mr. Matthew Griffin, a futurist and foresight expert with clients including world leaders, G7 and G20 governments, and the most recognised brands such as Accenture, BCG, Microsoft and Samsung, will discuss how technology is expected to impact different industries in the future. Also joining the forum to discuss a range of crucial technological issues will be government officials from different provinces and cities in Mainland China, representatives from organisations promoting smart city development worldwide, top executives from leading technology enterprises, and leaders from unicorn companies.

InnoEX offers a range of thought-provoking events for participants. Among them are start-up introduction and sharing sessions, mentoring sessions and investment matchmaking meetings, providing a unique platform through which start-ups can showcase their products and ideas and pitch to potential buyers and investors. By opening new avenues for business development, the various events will help to pave the way to commercial success for startup entrepreneurs.

Spring Electronics Fair showcases latest innovative products

Another highlight of BITWeek is the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), with special theme zones including the Hall of Fame, the Startup Zone and Tech Hall, showcasing an abundance of cutting-edge electronic products. A series of activities will be held as part of the fair including the “Under 30 – Tech Trends Symposium for the Next Generation”. Respected industry leaders such as Ms. Maria Tang, Corporate Vice President, AMD; Mr. Bruce Huang, Vice President of Research and Development, CloudMinds; and Mr. Billy Siu, Business Development Director–HK and Taiwan, Geek Plus International, will share their insights on the impact of robotics and automation in technological development, smart manufacturing, and people’s daily lives.

Spring Lighting Fair illuminates path towards intelligent lighting solutions

The Asian Lighting Forum, co-organised by the Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, under the theme “Illuminating a Connected World”, is a must-attend event for those looking to stay ahead of the curve in the lighting industry. Distinguished speakers will delve deep into the latest industry issues ranging from human-centric and smart lighting solutions to sustainability developments and world-class lighting designs that transform ambience.

EXHIBITION+ service helps SMEs expand business opportunities

The three tech fairs will continue to adopt the HKTDC’s EXHIBITION+ model that integrates online and offline elements. It includes physical exhibitions, the Click2Match smart business matching platform, online-and-offline seminars and forums (Intelligence Hub), and the hktdc.com Sourcing platform. This integrated approach aims to extend face-to-face interactions and promotional activities from in-person events to online platforms. The Click2Match intelligent business matching platform will be open to participants from 12 to 22 April.

*The three tech fairs include the first-ever InnoEX, jointly organised by the HKSAR Government and the HKTDC, the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition).

Joining today’s press conference to introduce highlights and details of the three technology fairs, including the newly launched InnoEX, are Acting Government Chief Information Officer Mr. Tony Wong (left), HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Ms. Sophia Chong (centre), and Chairman, Electronics/Electrical Appliances Industries Advisory Committee of the HKTDC, Mr. Steve Chuang (right)


By utilising patented technology, Invisible & Innovative Technology (Asia) Limited is transforming wood waste into high-quality audio products, promoting sustainable development
Scan the World Limited showcases at the press conference its metaverse solution, which combines real-world and online shopping experiences, and showcases tourist attractions in the digital world.
The BG Smart Key developed by Brilliant Guard Limited can open up to 100 BG smart locks


Tobot Solution Limited will showcase its AI patrol robot at the Innobuild zone of the HKTDC International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition). The robot can automatically avoid obstacles when patrolling indoors


InnoEX: http://innoex.hktdc.com/
Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition): http://hkelectronicsfairse.hktdc.com/
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition): http://hklightingfairse.hktdc.com/

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