[Press Release] IBM Teams Up with Hong Kong Cyberport to Boost Digital Transformation Efforts in Hong Kong

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IBM Teams Up with Hong Kong Cyberport to Boost
Digital Transformation Efforts in Hong Kong
The “Startup with IBM” program, coupled with Cyberport’s full-range entrepreneurial support, helps accelerate growth of startups and entrepreneurs

Hong Kong – 20 October 2020 IBM China/Hong Kong Limited (IBM) and Hong Kong’s leading digital technology hub, Cyberport, today announced a collaboration to strengthen the support and resources for Hong Kong startups. Selected Cyberport startups will have priority admission to Startup with IBM, in order to leverage IBM’s advanced technologies and global client network.
Startup with IBM, formerly IBM Global Entrepreneur, is the premier IBM program providing startups with access up to $120,000 USD* of cloud credits, leading experts and enterprise-grade cloud, data, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help solve real problems, and ultimately get their innovative solutions to market faster.
“Startups and entrepreneurs find value in IBM’s open approach to cloud computing which, coupled with our deep industry expertise, provides the flexibility, access to innovation and services they need as they grow and transform,” said Francis Ngai, General Manager of IBM China/Hong Kong Limited. “By choosing IBM Cloud, organizations are able to do much more than just cut costs. By tapping exciting cloud-based services like AI, blockchain and IoT, they are able to innovate new business models and develop new services on the fly that help them differentiate from the competition.”
“Cyberport encourages its start-ups to leverage proven platform tools in latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and cybersecurity to shorten their go-to-market time. Thanks to the support from leading technology services providers, we have set up the Cyberport Technology Network (CTN) to provide a complete suite of technology platform tools and services for our start-ups. We are proud to present IBM as CTN’s latest key member, and under the collaboration, each qualified Cyberport start-up will receive annual free credits of up to USD 120,000 to utilise IBM tools and services. We are confident this will help them create the best version of their solutions,” said Peter Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Cyberport.
With IBM’s scalable solutions, startups can revolutionize their build. They can use the IBM Cloud credits to access more than 190 services including:
• IBM Watson can learn from small data sets, protect businesses’ insights and help them reimagine workflows to provide AI where and when they need it.
• IBM Blockchain can cut out the middleman and improve the time it takes to execute business transactions.
• IBM Analytics helps businesses make their data simple and accessible. Organize their data into a trusted, business-ready foundation with the built-in protection and compliance controls.
• IBM Security helps businesses work with clients to accelerate and assess threats with security innovation that incorporates cognitive, cloud and collaboration.

Startup with IBM will offer premium-tier startups opportunities to connect with IBM Developer Advocates through Architecture Review and Whiteboarding Sessions. In Hong Kong, IBM will also organize meetings for those startups to directly engage with IBM’s enterprise clients, facilitating technology exchanges and business matching support – with an emphasis on banking, financial services and insurance applications.


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