Partner companies and incubatees from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) won big at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020, with a total of 35 awards. Highlights included four partner companies and one incubatee honoured at this year’s awards ceremony by winning five Grand Awards out of eight award categories, as well as the overall Grand Prize “Award of the Year” which went to incubatee Blutech IoT Ltd.

“HKSTP is delighted to witness a new record number of wins for park companies in the Hong Kong ICT Awards this year. It proves beyond doubt how the Science Park accelerates I&T development while also delivering innovation excellence at the highest level,” said Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP. “We congratulate Blutech IoT and all the winners on their success and we will continue to nurture startups from growth to success, as well as bring like-minded people together to collaborate and realise their commercial potential.”

Blutech IoT Ltd., an incubatee of HKSTP’s Incu-App programme, won both the Grand and Gold Awards in the ICT Startup category, as well as the overall Award of the Year. The company developed an AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) smart washroom management solution for public spaces, including office buildings and shopping malls, to optimise property management and services. The system integrates various smart sensors, low-power wireless communication technology, well-designed smart washroom signages, cloud based AIoT Dashboard and big data analysis. With this data, the system can monitor the availability, usage rate and sanitation status in real time, to provide automatic cleaning route planning, predictive maintenance, and other AI functions. The solution can help property managers reduce operating costs and improve customer experience.

“This award is of huge importance for Blutech IoT, especially at a time like this during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank the Science Park for their great support for us and the whole I&T ecosystem as this has helped us overcome many challenges in reaching where we are today,” said Davon Hui, CEO and co-founder of Blutech IoT. “We expect to see a surge in demand for our new solutions in public and private organisations, including hospitals, financial institutions and retail malls in Hong Kong and Mainland China.”

Fano Labs Ltd., a HKSTP partner company and graduated incubatee, won the Grand and Gold Awards in the FinTech category. By applying advanced AI technologies, Fano Labs has developed a smart speech analytics system, Callinter, for customers in the finance sector. Using speech recognition and natural language processing, Callinter helps ensure compliance by analysing calls in full, transcribing all calls into text and highlighting any problematic and/or compliance issues for easier tracking, immediate handling and training. The system can help financial institutions enhance customer services business development.

“Our technology has become increasingly important in recent years as governments around the globe have been tightening regulation over financial institutions to better protect the wealth of citizens and investors,” said Dr. Miles Wen, co-founder and CEO of Fano Labs. “With this system, our banking customers can save up to 70% – 80% in manpower to fulfil compliance requirements.”

Megasoft Ltd., collected Grand and Gold Awards in the Smart Living category. Megasoft’s E-Fill, a prescription drug refill management system which is fully endorsed by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, is an innovative wireless “Light-to-Pick” system for drug retrievals in hospitals and clinical centres. It uses an intelligent loT device attached to each patient’s carrier bag or case. Once patients arrive at a hospital, the pre-packed prescription drugs can be retrieved in less than 20 minutes, which greatly reduces the manpower needed and patients’ waiting time. The E-Fill system can also monitor the location and temperature of each drug carrier in real time to ensure proper storage of the drugs.

“This scalable system is built with one-to-many Bluetooth broadcast technology and integrated with workflow management,” said Dr. Matthew Man, CEO and Founder of Megasoft Ltd. “Hospitals and clinical centres can enhance their efficiency and the accuracy of pharmacy operations by reducing the workload and potential human errors during the drug retrievals process. It has enormous commercial potential and I hope it will be adopted by healthcare operations worldwide.”

Fung Fat Knitting Manufactory Ltd. received both the Gold and Grand Awards in the Smart People category for its patented thermal-conductive smart textile technology. The “KnitWarm” technology includes a ductile textile circuit inside the fabric, which is made of silver coated conductive yarn and other natural fibres. It enables the innovative use of various products with warmth generated and pain-relieving functions.

“We are delighted to have our technology recognised at this year’s awards,” said Stephen Ng, director of Fung Fat Knitting Manufactory. “We are proud that the judges have recognised the needs of seniors and appreciated the complex and innovative use of patented textiles to keep them comfortable, and improve their living quality.”

InnoCentre partner company, 3MindWave Ltd., was honoured with the Grand and Gold Awards in the Digital Entertainment category. Its racing video game “ATV Slam” offers exotic environments, wind effects, razor-sharp console-quality graphics, a pounding soundtrack, and a challenging AI system to get player’s adrenaline pumping. The full size quad bike with huge lit wheels and custom developed motion platform that let players feel every bump, crash and drift, just like being on a real ATV bike. The life-size quadbike together with the engine, stylish liveries and awesome lighting effects from top to bottom to catch players’ attention around the world.

“Our winning arcade game – ATV Slam – is one of the first All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) games released in the arcade market in the past 10 years,” said 3MindWave’s founder and CEO Pang Shu. “The game is distributed by SEGA Amusement International and takes racing to a whole new level.”


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