[Press Release] HKSTP Launches Startups Alumni Association to Extend Support and Strengthen Connections within Hong Kong’s Startup Community

HKSTP Launches Startups Alumni Association to Extend Support and Strengthen Connections within Hong Kong’s Startup Community

(Hong Kong, 18 November 2020) – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) announces the official launch of the HKSTP Startups Alumni Association (SAA) to engage with, and keep abreast of the graduated startups from HKSTP’s incubation and acceleration programmes, ultimately helping them further their road to success. Currently 235 graduates have already become members of the SAA.


The SAA is a vibrant community of tech venture alumni which includes a network of mentors, influencers, partners, and leading enterprises. It offers members access to valuable resources and opportunities to build their businesses, empowering them to reach out to the global market to capture more business and funding opportunities. The association also aims to create a virtuous cycle of success, by providing a platform for its members to connect and contribute back to the next generation of pioneers through networking, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities.


Graduated companies from HKSTP’s incubation and acceleration programmes can apply for membership of the SAA to participate in events such as Mentorship Mixers and industry meet-ups. These events allow its members to expand their business network and build valuable connections with experienced executives and potential partners.


Members of the SAA are also eligible to enjoy a range of value-added services offered by HKSTP including “GsMART” and “Technologies from Science Park” for business opportunities, free talent matching services, as well as seminars and training. Prior to the official launch of the SAA, HKSTP has engaged its members in the Hong Kong Science Park Career Expo 2020, and Global Matching 2020, a business and investment matchmaking event organised by HKSTP.


“Our support for startups doesn’t just conclude when they graduate from our incubation and acceleration programmes. We know it’s a tough environment that our incubatees have to face after they graduate. As the flagship innovation and technology incubator in Hong Kong, we will always be here to support the startups through thick and thin. ”


“The SAA is just one example of the services, resources, and opportunities we can offer to our alumni to support and help them propel their businesses from start-up to scale-up”, said Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP. “The official launch of SAA is a testament to HKSTP’s continued support for Hong Kong’s start-up ecosystem.”


“The SAA is aspired to be a connector within Hong Kong’s thriving I&T ecosystem. Through this we hope to reunite and connect with all graduates from HKSTP to build entrusted partnership, and become the catalyst of success for startups and contribute to a robust technology ecosystem. We feel unbridled pride to be part of the community and will strive to help other members grow and develop on their entrepreneurial journey.”, said Jimmy Tao, president of the SAA’s Steering Committee, and CEO of Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited, a HKSTP partner company, and a graduate from HKSTP incubation programme. 


Further information on SAA and how to apply for membership:



Steering committees of the HKSTP Startups Alumni Association:

·         Mr. Jimmy Tao

CEO, Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited

Vice Presidents
·         Ir. Dr. Alan Lam

CEO, Sengital Limited

·         Mr. Blake Larson

Managing Director, Lalamove

·         Mr. Chi Ho Wong

Executive Director & Co-CEO, Advanced Card Systems Limited

·         Mr. Edmund Lee

Director, Application Technology Company Limited

·         Mr. Felix Wong

Co-founder & CEO, Acquaintance Enterprises Limited

·         Ms. Jessica Yeung

Manager, Fintech Facilitation Office, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

·         Mr. Kow Ping

Co-founder, Well Being Digital Limited

·         Dr. Miles Wen

CEO, Fano Labs Limited

·         Mr. Shylesh Karuvath

CTO & MD, APAC, InReality Limited

·         Mr. Terry Tsang

CEO, Mad Head Limited

·         Mr. Tony Yung

CEO, Take2 Health Limited
HKSTP Representatives
·         Ms. Chris Chan

Senior Manager, Incubation and Acceleration Programmes

·         Mr. Samuel Chui

Manager, Incubation and Acceleration Programmes


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