[Press Release] Endowus launches Fund Smart for Singapore investors: Build customisable portfolios with direct access to curated institutional best-in-class funds from the world’s leading asset managers

Endowus launches Fund Smart for Singapore investors: Build customisable portfolios with direct access to curated institutional best-in-class funds from the world’s leading asset managers

● In an Endowus investor survey, over 700 respondents indicated a strong preference for the flexibility to customise investment portfolios, with exposure to specific geographies or sectors (74.5%) and lower costs (84%) as key considerations
● As an industry-first offering, investors can now build and customise their portfolios on the Endowus Fund Smart platform, directly accessing institutional share-class and trailer-free funds using Cash, CPF, and SRS
● With no sales fees, no transaction fees, and Endowus’ industry-first 100% trailer fee rebates, investors can keep more of their returns by reducing the average cost of investments by 65% versus other platforms and private banks
● Endowus Investment Office, led by Endowus Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and former CEO and CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Management in Asia, Samuel Rhee, selects best-in-class funds and model portfolios across asset classes, geographies, sectors and themes based on their track record, implementation, cost, as well as tax and currency efficiency
● Endowus’ advisory tools calculate historical and projected returns, asset allocation, underlying holdings, automated rebalancing, total expense after 100% trailer rebates and more, to allow investors to make better informed investment decisions

Singapore, 26 October 2020 – Today, Endowus.com, Singapore’s leading MAS-licensed digital wealth management platform and the first and only digital advisor for the Central Provident Fund (CPF), announces the launch of their new investment solution — Fund Smart. Singapore investors can now build investment portfolios from a selection of institutional share-class and trailer-fee free funds curated by the Endowus Investment Office, led by Samuel Rhee, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer at Endowus. This new solution gives investors the ability to customise their fund allocations, analyse the historical and projected performance, as well as look-through the underlying exposure and total costs across the selected funds. It also provides real time advice to investors on the suitability of the portfolio they have created against their financial needs. Similar to existing Endowus investment offerings, Fund Smart has no sales fees, no transaction fees, no lock-ups and 100% trailer fee rebates. Endowus has also built in automated rebalancing and regular savings plans capabilities to improve the client investment experience.

Endowus launched a market survey to better understand Singaporeans’ investment preferences and needs prior to designing Fund Smart. The majority of respondents indicated a strong preference for the flexibility to customise their own investment portfolios, with exposure to specific geographies or sectors (74.5%) and lower costs (84%) as key considerations. Endowus Investment Office sought to design a differentiated investment solution to take into consideration Singaporeans’ investment needs and also provide quality advice in the form of curated fund selection and model portfolios.

Samuel Rhee, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Endowus, said: “Fund Smart’s value proposition is clear. People struggle with too many options – a growing array of platforms, and far too many funds to choose from with confusing fee structures. Transparency is important to us as it should be to our clients. We want our clients to experience the same quality of advice we have provided with our core portfolio products, but now with greater flexibility as we introduce a new way of investing through Fund Smart. Stick to our advised and new model portfolios, or make the tweaks you need. It’s that simple. And at the same low and aligned fees you can’t get elsewhere.”

The curated model portfolios include an ultra-defensive fixed income portfolio to prioritise capital preservation to weather volatility in markets and also flexible cash management solutions, as well as thematic and sector-focused portfolios such as ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) or SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) funds, Shariah-compliant funds, and thematic funds.

Funds available on Fund Smart include those managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors, PIMCO, Vanguard, Schroders, First Sentier, Franklin Templeton, Eastspring, Fidelity, PineBridge, Legg Mason, Fullerton, Lion Global, Nikko, and UOB Asset Management.

Endowus’ no sales fee and 100% trailer fee rebate policy not only lowers the total cost of investment, but also ensures alignment of interests with the investors. As a fee-only advisory firm, Endowus is not incentivised by product providers paying them hidden sales kickbacks. The average net cost of managing portfolios with Endowus is 65% cheaper than trying to replicate the portfolios on popular platforms and private banks in the market.

Kimberley Stafford, Managing Director and Head of PIMCO Asia Pacific said, “PIMCO has had the pleasure to collaborate with Endowus since their launch. With its unique solution offerings and the launch of the new innovative Fund Smart solution, we believe Endowus, as an industry leading digital wealth management platform, will help broaden PIMCO’s outreach to retail investors in Singapore and provide them with the access to our fuller range of global fixed income investment solutions.”

Gregory Van, Founding Partner at Endowus, said “Fund Smart provides transparency and flexibility for clients to express their investment views through access to best-in-class funds, all on a secure wealth platform that is home to all their money – Cash, CPF and SRS. We will continue to help clients cut through the clutter, keep fees low and aligned, and improve everyone’s investment experience.”

Joel Kim, CEO of Dimensional Asia ex-Japan, said “Dimensional is pleased to have worked with Endowus since they started serving Singaporean investors. They are one of the pioneers of fee-based independent advice in Singapore with a strong focus on low cost, transparent and systematic approach to investing. Endowus’ launch of the Fund Smart solution is a significant evolution in their advice offering for Singaporeans wishing to invest more of their savings with Dimensional through Endowus.”

Safety and Security together with Ease of Use Are Still Important

According to the investor survey conducted, the safety and security of the platform (83.9%) are crucial deciding factors in determining where Singaporeans invest. Through Endowus’ partnership with Singapore’s largest broker UOB Kay Hian, all client assets and investments are safely held in trust under the client’s own name. As with all of the Fintech company’s product offerings, Endowus Fund Smart gives users a fully digital, fuss-free onboarding experience using MyInfo within minutes from the comfort of their own homes.

About Endowus
Endowus.com is a MAS-licensed financial technology company and the first-and-only digital investment advisor for the Central Provident Fund (CPF), Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS), and cash.

Endowus offers access to superior investment products, personalised advice, and lower costs on a seamless digital investment platform for all investors. Partnered with UOB Kay Hian, Singapore’s largest broker, client assets and positions are safely held in the client’s own name.

For more info, please visit www.endowus.com/

For media queries, please contact:
PRecious Communications for Endowus
E: endowus@preciouscomms.com
T: +65 6303 0567 / +65 9644 2930


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