[ Press Release ] Dable Publishes ‘Digital Media Landscape 2021’ including the TOP 30 Media

JAKARTA, Indonesia, 23 March 2021 – Dable, the leading content discovery platform in Asia, published the ‘Digital Media Landscape Indonesia 2021’ that provides the landscape of online media and content consumption behavior at a glance on 23th March.

The media landscape is the second publication following the previous year which contains the infographic organized by media groups and categories and includes the ‘Top 30 Media’ based on data from Comscore, Alexa and Red Volcano(global data analysis companies). In addition, it released media consumption behavior by analyzing the data of 200 partnered Indonesian media including JPNN.com, Suara.com and Liputan 6.com.

Digital Media Landscape Indonesia 2021 (image link): https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/v41Z_8W6VfGx6dp1K4x7zShY-3Pe04LZqTK_o0RuY3IEDXbnNM8FADGDeAJBe-II3mZUcVqHYw38L5t8yDh_jTSdNpdiRqVP7rnH316-


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