[Press Release] bolttech brings industry leading six-hour mobile device switch money-back service guarantee to Hong Kong

Growing insurtech company bolttech expands its money-back service promise for its device protection offering in Hong Kong with an industry leading six-hour delivery promise. Enhancing its existing device protection offering, customers in Hong Kong can now enjoy guaranteed device switch/ replacement to their doorstep in six hours – with a full refund on the service fee automatically initiated in the event the device switch/ replacement is not delivered within the agreed timeframe.

Tailored to the Hong Kong market, the service guarantee’s fast timing is available for all device switch/ replacement services with bolttech’s telecom operator partners in Hong Kong, including 3 Hong Kong and CSL Mobile Limited. The money-back service guarantee is also included in bolttech’s own Easy Switch for Mobiles plan.

Alister Musgrave, General Manager of Hong Kong, bolttech, said, “Hong Kong is world renowned for being extremely fast-paced. Bringing our latest money-back service guarantee to customers in Hong Kong is part of our continued effort to ensure that bolttech’s device protection offerings help people to stay connected in a digital-first world.”

bolttech delivers fast and easy device protection through repair and delivery services, switch programmes, trade-ins, and technical support to more than 5.5 million customers. A soft launch for the money-back service guarantee in Hong Kong was introduced in December 2020 with a full rollout in January 2021. For more information about the service, please visit our website: device.bolttech.hk.


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