OpenAI and Shutterstock Renew Partnership, Sign Six-Year Agreement for Training Data

OpenAI and Shutterstock Renew Partnership

Shutterstock and OpenAI redefine the possibilities of AI in creativity.

Shutterstock, Inc., a provider of stock images, vectors, videos and music, has announced an expanded partnership with OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company. The new six-year agreement focuses on Shutterstock’s role as a provider of high-quality training data for OpenAI models. 

Under the new licensing agreement, OpenAI will gain access to additional training data from Shutterstock, including its pictures, video and audio libraries and associated metadata. In return, Shutterstock will have priority access to the latest technology developed by OpenAI. This includes integrating DALL·E’s text-to-image generation capabilities into the Shutterstock platform and allowing users to create and edit images from the Shutterstock library.

The partnership also aims to bring generative AI capabilities to mobile users through Shutterstock’s recently acquired GIPHY platform. By leveraging generative AI, Shutterstock and OpenAI aim to enhance creative ideation and production.

Shutterstock CEO, Paul Hennessy, highlighted the company’s commitment to advancing AI technology innovation through the renewed and expanded partnership with OpenAI. This positions Shutterstock as a preferred data and distribution partner for generative AI industry leaders.

COO of OpenAI, Brad Lightcap, expressed the positive impact of licensing Shutterstock’s content collection, stating that it improves OpenAI’s picture models and enables experimentation with new content production and ideation techniques. The goal is to introduce powerful generative AI capabilities to Shutterstock and GIPHY’s vast user bases, revolutionizing visual media expression.

Shutterstock’s partnership expansion with OpenAI reflects its strategic efforts to bring AI advancements to the creative industry. The launch of the AI Image Generator, powered by DALL·E technology, and the Contributor Fund initiative, which compensates artists for their content’s role in training generative technology, are notable milestones in this endeavor.

Collaborations with industry leaders such as OpenAI, NVIDIA, Meta and LG have been instrumental in developing foundational generative AI tools and standards for creators. Shutterstock’s extensive content library, combined with comprehensive metadata, sets industry benchmarks in terms of size, diversity and annotation. This extensive collection of assets has played a vital role in training AI capabilities within the industry.

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