NOSH raises 1.7m USD in Pre Series A funding round and launches its APP: Spoonful

NOSH raises 1.7m USD in Pre Series A funding round and launches its APP: Spoonful
Summary: Spoonful will continue to build delivery-only food brands, partner with foodpanda and launch in Singapore by September, 2019.
Hong Kong, July 2019 – NOSH recently closed its pre series A funding round to continue to serve Hong Kong through two partners: its corporate app and foodpanda. NOSH is now the largest cloud kitchen operator and delivery-only food brand creator in Hong Kong.
NOSH also announced that it will rebrand its corporate business and its APP to allowing corporates to order from its self operated delivery only restaurants: NOSH, GA, Rustico, and/or Sesami. The corporate business services landlords and businesses to offer their staff access to lunch options at wholesale prices with free delivery.
Max von Poelnitz, Founder of NOSH and Spoonful said, “We could not be more excited to welcome a world class group of investors to our platform. It proves that you can start a business in Hong Kong, serve over 1,000,000 meals, and demonstrate that there is investor interest from abroad.”
The business currently operates a central kitchen business model that produces all their food and brands in house. As part of this funding round, Food Panda and NOSH will work closely together. Arun, CEO of Food Panda, shares “We are excited to work with one of Hong Kong’s fastest growing food start ups and leverage their own growth in the corporate market as well as their cloud kitchen infrastructure. Congrats on the fund raise!”
The spoonful app will continue to offer 9 curated lunch choices a day enabling white collar professionals access.
Spoonful currently works with a number of financial, law firm, and start up clients as well as offering pick up locations at SPACES coworking in Sheung Wan as well as Cyberport. All meals share nutritional information and ingredient lists to give employees all the information to make smart food decisions.
Press Enquiry:
For further information please contact Spoonful / NOSH
Max von Poelnitz | M: 852 9177 5772 [email protected]
About Nosh / Spoonful
NOSH launched as a healthy western virtual restaurant in Hong Kong. Without a physical restaurant space, its approach to cooking and one-of-a-kind operation model enables its delivery and retail partners to meet the demands of its customers’ fast-paced and health-conscious lifestyle, without compromising food quality
and taste.
Spoonful is a group purchasing app that allows tenants in the same building or white collar professionals in the same office to order from a curated daily menu. All meals arrive warm and savings are passed on to the
employee by offering wholesale prices on all the food.
To deliver on its “Eat Smarter” motto, all Spoonful brand partners are produced in a central kitchen facility
For more information about NOSH, its menu, meal plans and corporate offerings, please visit and and delivered directly to the consumer through foodpanda or the Spoonful delivery team.


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