NOIZ is the No. 1 Utility Token of Asia, Here’s Why:

NOIZ – No. 1 Utility Token of Asia –
Futuristic tech, like the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual assistants and autonomous vehicles, is becoming more mainstream with each passing year.
At the same time, people’s expectations of technology are raised. Consumers want their lives connected, but private. They want to be able to make purchases online and have the goods delivered in the same day.
For all of this to be possible, a lot needs to happen behind the scenes, and blockchain is one behind-the-scenes tool helping tech developers raise the standards.
People are still uncertain how widely used blockchain protocols will actually become, and by when.
This is a great concern, and the reality of the situation is that most industries will NOT be able to make efficient use of blockchain protocols in the near future, because they currently lack the necessary traffic/transaction volumes, to scale a blockchain project. Such industries include Real-estate, Supply Chain, and Medical Technology.
Some may think: “These types of business have lots of transactions and data being exchanged.” They would be right, but these industries come nowhere close to the transaction and data volumes, nor the adaptability of the Finance, E-commerce, Digital Media and Communication industries.
This is why NOIZ is the № 1 Utility Token of Asia; it combines all four high-data-volume industries into one Decentralized Application (DApp).
Scalability through Communication
NOIZ has combined communication with marketing technology to change the way brands and consumers interact with one-another online. It’s doing so through customizable, AI-powered ad campaigns equipped with chat and linked to blockchain data storage.
So what does this mean? Let’s briefly analyze the current state of online advertising to find out.
Online ads are displayed on webpages, social media platforms, search engines, messaging services and apps. Every time users come across ads, they generate impressions. If they click on an ad, they generate traffic, and if they purchase the item on the other side of the ad, they generate an acquisition. Impressions, clicks and acquisitions are the data points that marketers are currently able to collect, and there is A LOT to collect.
In the case of NOIZ, however, communication is added to the equation. Impressions, clicks and acquisitions will still occur, but now they’ll also be paired with conversational data. Users don’t just click on NOIZ ads, they chat with the ads, and can continue the chat into messaging platforms. This means NOIZ just took the already high-data-volume ecosystems of online media and messaging, and multiplied it tenfold.
Scalability through Customization
NOIZ is aware that every person and every business has their own preferences, and to give the people what they want, NOIZ has created an SDK that links its platform to a variety of API integrations, from payment gateways to website plugins and most every API in between.
Blockchain Integrations
Unlike the majority of DApps, which exist on only one blockchain protocol, NOIZ enables both brands and users to determine on which blockchain protocol they would like their data stored.
Through partnerships with Harmony (ONE) Protocol, NEM and IBM’s Hyperledger, NOIZ is able to hit the ground running with incredibly fast and secure data transactions.
Adding to this quiver of blockchain protocols, NOIZ also has plans to work with EOS and Ontology.
Payment Gateway Integrations
This is where NOIZ starts tapping into the data pools of the Finance and E-commerce industries.
By adding payment gateways—such as Stripe, PayPal and Alipay—directly into NOIZ adverts, consumers will be able to make purchases through the conversation they’re having with the ad. It’s like talking with a sales rep, right at the start of the customer journey.
Having such integrations further increases the data and transactions that will make the NOIZ blockchain network so fast and secure.
Chat & Messenger Integrations
NOIZ is linked up with WhatsApp Business, enabling brands to connect and communicate with a consumer even after the consumer has finished engaging on a NOIZ ad.
As WhatsApp is banned in China, however, NOIZ also integrates with super-app WeChat, ensuring that brands can communicate with their consumers across the globe.
For brands wishing to reach audience members of older generations, who may not be using today’s common messaging apps, NOIZ uses Twilio to send out SMS messages, and possibly even voice messages in the future.
On the docket is integration with Facebook Messenger.
There’s no reason brands utilizing the NOIZ ecosystem will not be able to communicate with their audiences, and vice versa. Consumers will easily be able to reach out to brands when they have questions.
If people are weary of communicating over common messaging platforms, they’ll also be able to make use of the NOIZ app messaging system, which will have the option to securely store communication data using blockchain encryption.
NLP Integrations
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the artificial intelligence behind the automated chat ads. Some companies have begun developing their own teams, who specialize in NLP, to create chatbots for lead generation, customer support, HR and more.
NOIZ currently makes use of IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow (Tensorflow), but brands will be able to use the NLP/chatbot software of their choosing.
Ad Network Integrations
NOIZ is developing its very own ad network, one where publishers exchange their ad space for NOIZ tokens. This will take quite a bit of time, which is why NOIZ has opted to also integrate with various ad networks across the globe.
To do this, NOIZ ads are HTML5 compatible, which is the format most commonly used by major ad networks, like Google Display Network.
NOIZ is also partnered with Hotmob, an Asia-focused ad network that works with premium publishers to ensure better conversion rates and return on investment (ROI). This is one of the contributing factors giving NOIZ an edge in Asia.
The Asia Advantage
Asia has been playing catch-up in the digital sphere for many years, but is now seeing growth far superior to that of western markets, especially in the adoption of financial technology.
Bloomberg News, early in 2019, referenced an Ernst & Young 2017 survey stating that “In China and India, the most populous nations in the world, more than half of adult consumers active online said they regularly use fintech services.”
One of the reasons it’s thought FinTech is so booming in Asia is due to the thriving e-commerce industry that spans the entire region. China is, of course, leading this drive.
According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), “The penetration of e-commerce, as a percentage of total retail sales, now stands at 15 percent in China, compared with 10 percent in the United States.
In South-east Asia alone, Google predicts that the digital economy will grow to 240 Billion USD by 2025.
NOIZ is capitalizing on this growth, not only to increase the data volume potential of its blockchain network, but also to leapfrog over the slower adopting western markets.
The Future of NOIZ Tokens
Businesses have started realizing the potential of crypto tokens when it comes to marketing.
With huge marketing budgets going out each year to acquire consumer data⁠—of which, almost half is fake⁠—utility tokens, like NOIZ, offer the easy solution.
NOIZ tokens incentivize user engagement, and because these tokens are connected to blockchain protocols, a high-level of authenticity is added to the data that marketers collect.
Why would users want these tokens, though?
In line with the concept of a loyalty rewards systems, NOIZ tokens can be redeemed for special offers, like 15% off on a pair of shoes. The NOIZ tokens then go back to the marketer, who can either donate them to a social impact organization or use them again to acquire more consumer data.
It’s the beautiful circle of life in the NOIZ token economy.
Where to Get NOIZ Tokens?
NOIZ tokens can be earned by interacting with NOIZ ad campaigns in the near future.
At this present time, though, the best way to acquire NOIZ tokens is through the NOIZ Premium Token Offering on the BitForex exchange. This is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) that will be selling tokens at a discounted price from the market value.
Market Leader
The goal of NOIZ is to enable communication between brands and consumers so that a better online ecosystem can emerge, and the fast growth of digital in Asia, along with NOIZ’s industry connections, is launching this blockchain project ahead of the curve.
NOIZ is, and will be, a leader in the utility token market. Number 1 in Asia.


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