New Online Learning Programme to Create Better Business Leaders

Using distance learning, Naruna Retreats is offering a new online learning programme to help leaders emerge from crisis and deliver an enhanced level of performance.

Using distance learning, Naruna Retreats is offering a new online learning programme to help leaders emerge from crisis and deliver an enhanced level of performance.


Naruna Retreats has launched a new online accelerated leadership programme created for leaders who want to steer their teams to success.


The online training is the latest planned innovation from Naruna Retreats which launched in early March. The programme is increasingly relevant in a new business environment of distance learning, webinar communications and temporary challenges around social distancing.


The new programme allows aspiring managers to learn from home or office. The objective is that they emerge from the training with new-found leadership skills, vision and self confidence.


“We work with successful leaders, who want to be even better and discover opportunities for growth,” said Bruce Hancock, founder of Naruna Retreats. “We align the leader’s personal growth to their team’s performance and success of the business.”


The Naruna online programme includes the renowned Hogan psychometric assessment which analyses how the leader behaves, and the psychological and work-flow impact it has on work teams and therefore the business as a whole. The assessment is a reference point that users can keep and refer to for the rest of their lives.


As part of the online programme, Hogan analysis and guidance will then help managers to overcome forces that derail them. Each participant gets a personalised professional game plan with accountability support.


Then there are four online coaching sessions focused on moving the participant through the gears from consciousness, to challenge, change and commitment.


“The process includes accountability support with crystal clear actions to sustain leadership growth and measure change,” said Hancock, who has worked in personal development in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the Middle East for 25 years.


In addition to extensive guidance from Hancock, participants can become part of the Naruna network of leaders, attend Naruna Retreat sessions in upcountry retreats, and upgrade to a diploma in leadership management through recognized prior learning programmes.


Naruna Retreats is offering its new online accelerated leadership course at an introductory rate of 40% off until 30 June. Visit


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