More than bringing the best lobang for companies: ThunderQuote is the digital solution for this medium sized firms in providing end-to-end procurement solutions

Singapore, February 25th, 2019 – Companies probably never realised they needed services such as finding a furniture mover, hiring of a photographer or getting someone to help create an app until they explore such services in value-adding the offerings of their company to both clients and employees. ThunderQuote has become an e-commerce platform of connecting businesses with the right vendors among their pool of close to 4000 vendors, but in addition of providing them an option of getting companies on board an e-procurement platform, managing the full suite of procurement services from source to settle.
ThunderQuote is a local platform that is a one-stop solution for business to be the solution to all their procurement needs but also help them manage their end-to-end e-procurement process and prepare them for the yearly audit with services including data analytics, full audit trials, contracts consolidation etc. Having a full dashboard consolidated with information for auditors and employees and digitising the process not only spare employees with the manual work and increase efficiency, but also and ensure that vendors are paid on time and every single cent, vendor, invoice and processes are accounted for.
With providing access to vendors across 58 categories, to keeping digital records of invoices on a categorised system for the annual audit, ThunderQuote eradicates the old school method of manual paperwork and embrace the use of technology in better managing procurement processes.
Why fight against it when you can embrace it?
Bill Gates famously said, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”. This motto struck a chord with the founders of ThunderQuote as they realised the need to automate and digitalise cumbersome procurement processes to make way for strategic and purposeful work. No more routine administrative tasks that take all day.
With a personal experience of seeing how digitalisation can lead to job displacement, CEO of ThunderQuote, Kevin Ng thought why should he go against it when you can embrace it. ThunderQuote is built to more than being a lobang network for SMEs, but to change the entire end to end e-procurement service with a digitaliation of the entire process.
In light of the above, we would like to interest you to speak to Kevin Ng, CEO on ThundeQuote and how they plan to make lives easier for procurement teams within companies. In addition, he will be able to share more on:

  • How the three founders embarked on their entrepreneurial journey from being secondary school friends in ACS to co-founders of ThunderQuote today
  • His personal story of how his dad losing his job due to the rise of technology, to helping people embrace technology in their lives
  • How ThunderQuote provides the same service as SAP Ariba and SESAMi but at a fraction of its price
  • ThunderQuote services and how it can enable companies in their procurement processes.


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