MMITA Unveils Groundbreaking Mobile App: A Social Platform Blending Augmented Reality

A Social Platform Blending Augmented Reality

AR tech unleashes new frontiers for personalized experiences.

Hong Kong-based augmented reality (AR) platform Meet Me In The Astral (MMITA) has launched its smartphone app on both the App Store and Google Play Store. The app provides users with the opportunity to engage with AR content and seamlessly share their experiences irrespective of their location. The app provides an immersive virtual environment where users can explore, interact and creatively contribute their own elements.

Utilizing AR technology, MMITA offers personalized experiences to its users. Through the MMITA platform, individuals can create and distribute their unique digital content, including advertisements, art, avatars and more, seamlessly integrating it into their real-world surroundings using their smartphones. These virtual objects can be viewed and captured as images or videos by other app users via their device’s camera.

MMITA introduces a unique feature in the form of a map integrated with AR objects placed at various checkpoints. Users can navigate the map to discover these objects and capture them using the app. Once collected, these objects can be stored in the user’s “backpack” and subsequently placed in different locations within the AR world, enabling personalized virtual interactions.

In addition to its AR capabilities, MMITA functions as an innovative social media platform. Users have the option to share their virtual creations through posts on MMITA’s native social network. Furthermore, users can connect with their existing friends on the MMITA platform or extend their reach by sharing their posts on popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. This integration allows users to engage with a wider audience and showcase their creative endeavors within the virtual realm.

The CEO of MMITA, Gene Kim expressed excitement about the launch of the platform and the unique opportunities it brings for users to interact with the world around them. He believes that MMITA will have a transformative impact on the AR industry. 

MMITA has released its software development kit (SDK) and encourages game and application developers, as well as content creators, to be early adopters in this new AR realm. The platform anticipates a steady increase in the availability of exciting, entertaining and value-added applications through its own efforts and those of partners and developers interested in selling AR games and applications on the platform. MMITA aims to foster a thriving ecosystem of innovative AR experiences that cater to both businesses and consumers.

The MMITA mobile app offers a wide range of potential applications for the future. These include the development of AR interactive games that can enhance consumer brand experiences, virtual art galleries that bring exhibitions to life and the use of 3D AR chatbots as virtual receptionists. Additionally, the platform presents opportunities for mass or individually targeted advertising solutions on local buildings, creating engaging and interactive advertising experiences. 

To further enhance the AR experience, the MMITA team is collaborating with hardware developers who specialize in AR glasses. This partnership aims to provide users with a more immersive and holistic mixed-reality experience. By integrating advanced hardware technologies, MMITA aims to push the boundaries of AR and create new possibilities for users to interact with the virtual world around them.

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