Media Release – KorumLegal expands its APAC reach with two senior hires

APAC, 4 June 2019 – NewLaw legal innovator KorumLegal has expanded its capabilities and offerings
with the addition of Rob Shakespeare and Tessa Whittle to their HQ team. Rob joins as General
Manager and Managing Consultant for South East Asia and Tessa Whittle, previously a consultant
with KorumLegal, has expanded her role to Head of Legal as well as Managing Consultant. Rob and
Tessa, located in Singapore and Hong Kong respectively, bring extensive private practice and in-house legal experience. They will help cement the company’s position in the region, and reinforce
KorumLegal as a leading NewLaw player in Asia.
Rob joins KorumLegal’s Singapore office, after spending the last 3 years building the Asia-Pacific
corporate practice at Squire Patton Boggs in Singapore. With nearly 15 years’ experience in
corporate transactions, Rob brings strong legal expertise and a passion to drive legal innovation
which he sees as ripe for change.
On his joining the KorumLegal team Rob highlighted, “I’ve followed KorumLegal’s progress and I am
absolutely delighted to join a fantastic team and to have the opportunity to be involved in a business
that is one of the change-makers in the legal services industry in Asia. It is a really exciting time, with
technology-led change and innovation gathering pace and there is huge potential for a solutions-focused business like KorumLegal which is playing a key role in re-thinking the way in which legal
operations and services are structured and delivered.”
Tessa expands her role in KorumLegal, having previously been a Managing Consultant working with
one of KorumLegal’s key financial institution clients for the last 18 months. With over 14 years of
experience advising on corporate, commercial and compliance/regulatory legal matters, Tessa will
help drive quality legal solutions and legal operations at KorumLegal. “I’ve now seen legal service
delivery wearing different hats and understand the true value and quality that KorumLegal offers to
clients and consultants. I’m looking forward to this new challenge and being a key part of a wave of
change in the industry.”
Founded in 2016 by former General Counsel and NewLaw leader, Titus Rahiri, KorumLegal has
welcomed several strategic hires to its team over the last 12 months, including Danh Nguyen, former
General Counsel for APAC at Western Union and Bill Novomisle, former Director of Legal Management and Operations at PepsiCo. The latest hires demonstrate a strength of brand and
successful delivery of innovative client-centric legal solutions across the APAC region and beyond.
“The APAC region has undergone a NewLaw awakening over the last few years, with lots of new
players, big and small joining the market” noted Titus. “We have positioned KorumLegal to be a
strong independent innovator for the region with our People, Process and Technology solutions. We
have enjoyed rapid growth with a strong client base and increasing demand, and Rob and Tessa
joining our team brings more firepower to ensure continued quality and service to our clients and
About KorumLegal: KorumLegal is a boutique legal consultancy committed to providing value
innovation in legal solutions delivery. The legal services industry is continuing to change with
‘NewLaw’ – and clients are seeking more innovative and cost-effective solutions without
compromise on experience and quality. That’s why we exist.
The rapid rise of NewLaw across APAC highlights that clients are looking for something that is not
only innovative but also solution orientated and value driven. In an industry which is historically
very conservative with legal buying decisions, KorumLegal’s value offering provides a single point
• People – flexible in-house counsel, managed legal services (i.e. specialised teams)
• Process + Tech – agnostic technology selection and associated legal process re-engineering
Truly, “shaping the new reality in legal solutions”.
Media Contact
Annalise Haigh – Head of Communications, KorumLegal


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