Maiar – a privacy-focused web browser that puts users in charge of their data

Some twenty years ago, when the internet started making a real impact, the few of us who were lucky enough to be able to get online were quick to take it for granted. Few people were thinking about online privacy and security. Today, they have become the concern of the century, especially given the rise of social media and vast advertising networks like Google. Yet despite the enactment of legislation designed to protect people’s right to privacy, many organizations are largely ignoring them. It has never been more crucial to take extra steps to protect your anonymity and privacy online.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much if you’re using a mainstream web browser. The major browsers are designed to capture data about people’s browsing habits under the auspices of improving user experience. But what it mostly comes down to advertising. Other threats are downright nefarious, carried out by cybercriminals. Even in the best of times, online advertising can get in the way of your browsing experience and hinder productivity. With the Maiar browser at your disposal, you can block all ads and, by doing so enjoy browsing the web up to eight times faster.

Most importantly, Maiar provides privacy and security by design and default in line with the requirements and recommendations laid out by legislation like GDPR. On top of that, there are additional features built in which help you take control over your data, where it gets stored, and who has access to it. For example, Maiar automatically blocks software and trackers designed to follow your browsing habits. The extra security functions help protect you from online fraud and malicious software too.

Maiar is available for Windows and mobile devices running Android or iOS. Now is the most important time to start caring about online privacy and security. Give private browsing a go today at


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