Luxury or Lunacy: Expensive Items That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

Expensive Items That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

Money! Money! Money! Must be funny, in a rich man’s world.

The customer is not always the most rational creature in the market. This belief can superbly be demonstrated by the tendency of weird items that not only become trendy but also outlandishly expensive. From bizarrely oversized boots to cutlery-adorned corsets, the marketplace is no stranger to oddities that not only capture trends but also boast jaw-dropping price tags. 

For a dose of amusement and a glimpse into the luxurious absurd, here’s a curated list of peculiar extravagances that have us both baffled and bemused.  

1. The Big Red Boots—US$350

The Big Red Boots
When you’ve got a date at 7 but a circus audition at 8, the Big Red Boots by MSCHF are here to your rescue.
Image courtesy of MSCHF

Now, if the look you were going for was either Boots—the monkey sidekick from Dora The Explorer—anime classic Astro Boy, McDonald’s mascot Ronald the Clown, a Kaws figurine or Papa Smurf, we may understand your vision….or at least we would be willing to try. While we’re definitely not the only ones who find the unironical wearing of this intentionally outlandish piece rather bizarre, the big price tag for these comically big boots has not deterred the item from going viral. 

As per MSCHF’s website, “It’s a footwear design truism that the shape of a shoe is not the shape of a foot. Big red boots are really not shaped like feet, but they are extremely shaped like boots.” The goal of the item was to look “cartoonish”, and it has certainly achieved that in more ways than one. We do find it difficult to find a more apt description of someone lumbering around wearing shoes that weigh just under 4 pounds (around 2 kg) per boot. Indeed, in the luxury fashion world, the strange often takes the spotlight.

2. Crocs Big Red Boots (Yellow)—US$450

Crocs Big Red Boots (Yellow)
When life gives you lemons, find some Big Yellow Crocs and embrace the absurdity. 
Image courtesy of MSCHF

Because weirdness loves company, the Big Red Boot has a big yellow sequel, and there are holes in this one! They’re a whimsical yet luxurious statement piece that screams “look at me!” loud enough to drown out any fashion critic’s dissent.

MSCHF, in official collaboration with Crocs, takes the iconic design of Crocs and superimposes it on the already viral design of the Big Red Boot. Complete with the back strap, these yellow boots are perpetually stuck in “sports mode”.

In the true Crocs fashion, the classic holes in the shoe go down to the foot for ventilation and a fashion intervention, which is especially needed because these big yellow boots did not inherit the easy-on-easy-off approach of the regular Crocs. That said, removing this larger-than-life shoe is a two-person job, as demonstrated by K-pop idol, Yeonjun Choi of TxT, on his Instagram post.   

Yeonjun Choi via Instagram

3. PUSHBUTTON Coin Purse Heels—US$709

Why carry a handbag when your heels can double as a purse?
Image courtesy of SSENSE

If you’re trying to practice humility, one might argue that having your purse on your shoe might be an interesting approach. Or get a solid abs workout, whichever comes first.

These PUSHBUTTON Coin Purse Heels mix practicality with a dash of absurdity. The luxury shoe market has seen its share of oddities, but a coin purse on your heels might just take the cake—or at least your spare change. If you’re wondering “What could one possibly fit into a coin purse on a shoe?”  YouTuber, Weirdlydressed666, has a great tutorial on this very topic.

Hint: It’s not much… but it’s definitely something. 

While 700 bucks seems like a lot, you get a pair of designer shoes AND two mini purses. Now that’s what we call functional fashion! Some might argue that it’s a bargain. 

4. Moschino Cutlery Corset—EUR1,294.80 (US$1,379.61)

Moschino Cutlery Corset
Moschino’s Cutlery Corset is here to turn not just heads but also tables.
Image courtesy of Printemps

Well, this certainly puts a spin on the phrase “serve a look”. 

The Moschino’s Cutlery Corset itself is a delectable woolen confection in black that contains boning throughout the bodice and has the place settings for a three-course meal stitched right onto it.

This piece certainly has some DIY potential, unless you have a casual two grand lying around to afford a piece of the pie, so to speak.

No price is too much for cutting-edge fashion, eh? 

5. Casamania & Horm, HIM + HER OPACA—US$83,876.49

Casamania & Horm, HIM
Just in case the act of sitting did not involve enough whimsy and confusion.
Image courtesy of CASAMINA Horm Shop

If resting one’s derrière had a physical manifestation, it would probably be these chairs designed by Fabio Novembre for Casamania & Horm. They’re a blend of art and utility and certainly pushing the boundaries of traditional home decor. We do see the artistic value, I suppose? 

Would sitting in what appears to be a polyethylene lap make you happy? We have good news then; this could definitely be your sort of investment. These kooky humanoid furnishings are commonly sold in pairs—well, the more, the merrier.

The chairs are business in the front, and they surely are a party in the back.

The extravagance of eccentricity: Luxe or ludicrous?

The allure of luxury items can be questionable sometimes; we’re certainly left here pondering the true meaning of extravagance. These luxury items have us scratching our heads but also, at times, reaching for our wallets.

As always, novelty prevails in the luxury goods market. It seems the absurd and the extravagant will always have their own unique seat at the table (whether they are bum-shaped is still up for debate though).

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