Lockly™ Launches the World’s First Patented Peek-Proof Smart Locks in Hong Kong

  Mr. Lee Zheng, Founder and CEO of Lockly™ demonstrates the features of the Lockly™ Secure Smart Lock series for reporters.
Mr. Lee Zheng, Founder and CEO of Lockly™ demonstrates the features of the Lockly™ Secure Smart Lock series for reporters.

Hong Kong, 24 January, 2019 – Lockly™, an award-winning Silicon Valley-based technology company, today unveiled its newest innovation in Hong Kong: the all-in-one Lockly™ Secure Smart Lock series, including Secure LUX, Secure, Secure PLUS, and Secure PRO, powered by PIN Genie™ technology, offering six different door access channels including patented digital keypad, 3D fingerprint, mobile app via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, Amazon Alexa / Google Home voice assistant integration, RFID card and mechanical backup key.

 Yesterday, Lockly™ held a successful product release conference in Lan Kwai Fong, Central. At the event, Mr. Lee Zheng, Founder and CEO of Lockly™, officially introduced the state of the art patented Lockly™ Secure Smart Lock series to media friends. Along with his tech-savvy team, Lee demonstrated his passion for the smart home industry in the demo session and captured the attention of the audience with a truly ‘smart’ lock equipped with advanced technology and engineered experience. Smart locks with great user experience have taken the U.S. market by storm, and are now available for Hong Kong people who want to upgrade their security system.

Founded in 2015 in the US and now expanded with offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Lockly™ initially focused on developing the most advanced and innovative security technology in the market. Led by a group of experienced engineers and security experts in the US and Asia, it entered the smart lock industry in 2016 and quickly set a new standard of security and convenience in one solution. As a sister company of a trusted manufacturer, Smart Technologies & Investments Limited (Smartec) with over 20 years of experience, Lockly™ draws on Smartec’s R&D strength and manufacturing expertise in electronic products and technology as it develops new products.

 State of the art Lockly™ Secure Smart Locks are available in sleek and stylish designs featuring over 30 advanced global patent technologies to offer a high level of security and convenience to users. All locks are equipped with the world’s first patented peek-proof keypad powered by an advanced algorithm activated by four buttons, each containing a set of three numbers that randomly reshuffle after each use. This offers the highest level of privacy, security and convenience by preventing your access code from being revealed, spied upon or stolen.

The flagship full-featured Lockly™ Secure Lux available in Asia only

 Other key features of Lockly™ Secure Smart Locks include the FPC 3D fingerprint sensor with live detection, storing up to 99 fingerprints and authenticating in less than 0.39 seconds to unlock, as well as built-in military-grade encryption that seamlessly and safely connects the door and smartphone via Bluetooth, a more secure channel than the internet.

  Lockly™ is honored with 2019 CES Innovation Awards
Lockly™ is honored with 2019 CES Innovation Awards

Lockly™ has recently participated in the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, the world’s largest and most influential technology event, and named as a 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honouree for its ground-breaking smart locks in technology and design. The award is official industry recognition for the most innovative products recognized by a panel of industry experts around the globe.

Mr. Lee Zheng, Founder and CEO of Lockly™, said, “We are excited to extend our offerings from the U.S. to Hong Kong with our launch of the revolutionary, industry-first patented peek-proof smart locks. As smart locks gain popularity worldwide, we believe Hong Kong, as a hub for creativity and technology innovation, represents enormous opportunities for us.  This has encouraged us to expand our global footprint to Asia and to choose Hong Kong as our headquarters for Asian markets. We have brought our manufacturing capability to Hong Kong to provide our customers with award-winning sophisticated and design-savvy products. With our product line-up developing well, we will continue to expand our presence in Asia and offer our customers with unprecedented security and convenience in smart home solutions.”

 Lockly™ Secure Smart Locks are now available in Hong Kong at Colourliving, Mr. Locksmith, Hong Kong Hardware, CfuCome, selected property developers & agents and www.lockly.com. 


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