Laclary Kickstarts Groundbreaking ‘Hygiene Care for Diners’ Program in Response to Covid-19 to Ensure Safe, Transparent, Traceable Dining for All

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many small to large Food and Beverage outlets in Hong Kong have experienced a significant downturn in business, with some temporarily closing due to the lack of customers, and others shutting down for good. In order to keep their footing, businesses must redefine themselves as brands that customers can trust.


Hong Kong-based built-in blockchain system Laclary invited global-leading total quality-assurance provider Intertek and Japan-engineered Hybrid Photocatalyst coating and treatment service Lohaslore to partner in its ‘Hygiene Care for Diners’ program. The program keeps up with Laclary’s business objective of ‘better business for public good’, bridging businesses and consumers, and playing an essential role in the revolution towards greater trust in consumer confidence and purchasing. The program was founded by serial entrepreneur Ms. Anina Ho, recipient of the ‘CEO of the Year 2015’ award by CEO Magazine, who personally handpicked 50 dedicated restaurants to jumpstart the project.


Laclary’s Pioneering ‘Hygiene Care for Diners’ Program


An updated, modern message using technology to satisfy millennial consumers’ thirst for authenticity in Hong Kong’s Food and Beverage industry is where Laclary factors in. Its initiative allows food caterers to demonstrate the highest of hygiene standards above those required by the Hong Kong SAR government, and allows food corporations to safeguard their reputation via third party oversight and control of their operations.


Ms. Anina Ho, Founder and CEO of Laclary, sums up the Laclary offering: “Our vision is to use blockchain technology to aid restaurants as well as the general public during this pandemic, to lessen businesses’ economic losses due to contaminated products and help consumers make informed purchasing decisions that are proven best for them. The safe, authentic, transparent and traceable data that is Laclary’s backbone, is provided through our blockchain technology. Potential diners will be able to select the safest of dining locations and receive discounts at participating restaurants, meaning that diners will be able to eat out safely and inexpensively.”


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