KFC Expands Global Reach with New Openings in India and Romania

KFC Expands Global Reach with New Openings in India and Romania

KFC marks a significant milestone with the opening of its 1,000th restaurant in India, showcasing its rapid global expansion.

KFC, a renowned global fast-food chain, has announced the opening of two new restaurants, marking significant expansions in Haryana, India and Bucharest, Romania. This development is part of KFC’s ambitious global growth plan, which includes entering its 150th country by 2024. A testament to its rapid expansion, a new KFC restaurant opens every 3.5 hours somewhere in the world.

KFC’s growth aligns with its mission to provide feel-good food on a large scale, focusing on inclusive, equitable and sustainable business practices. Sabir Sami, CEO of KFC Global, highlights the brand’s drive to lead with inclusivity and build with purpose, while also growing its brand presence in every market. 

“I’m humbled by these achievements and see this as an opportunity to celebrate the incredible work of every business partner and team member as we continue to share the joy of our best-tasting fried chicken with more of the world,” Sami added.

Boasting a network of more than 29,000 restaurants globally, KFC caters to a vast customer base and concurrently generates employment opportunities, creating almost one million jobs worldwide. The strategic approach employed by KFC involves capitalizing on its enduring partnerships with reliable franchise collaborators, enabling the establishment to foster momentum and facilitate the expansion of its operations.

Nivera Wallani, Chief Development Officer of KFC Global, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to meeting local needs and expectations. “We are keenly focused on sustainable growth and building with purpose. Globally, we are scaling efficiently, while collaborating with our partners on industry-leading business practices and innovative ideas,” Wallani expressed.

Milestone in India: 1,000th restaurant

Before the close of the year, KFC is set to inaugurate its 1,000th restaurant in India, located at DLF Cyber Hub in Gurgaon, Haryana. This milestone achievement is a collaboration with major franchise partners, Devyani International Limited (DIL) and Sapphire Foods India Limited (SFIL). The landmark 1,000th restaurant, a venture with Devyani, marks a longstanding partnership of over two decades with Yum! Brands.

Since its inception in India in 1995, KFC has expanded its menu to include local flavors, like the Peri Peri Chicken, catering to the Indian palate. KFC India is also a pioneer in sustainable development, with over 20 restaurants integrating energy efficiency and responsible materials. Additionally, KFC India is committed to making all consumer-facing plastic packaging recoverable or reusable by 2025.

In line with its local social responsibility initiatives, KFC’s Kshamata program actively addresses gender and ability gaps by empowering women and individuals with disabilities. This commitment comes to life, notably in 38 KFC India restaurants where operations are run by employees who are speech and hearing-impaired. This multi-faceted approach underscores KFC’s dedication to culinary excellence and sustainable and socially responsible business practices in the Indian market.

Expansion in Central & Eastern Europe: 1,000th restaurant

KFC’s 1,000th restaurant in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has opened in Bucharest, Romania. These restaurants feature digital advancements like modern kiosks, digitized drive-thrus and AI-informed operations. KFC CEE aims to be the region’s leading quick-service restaurant, with plans to open an average of 100 stores annually.

Maria Cacciapuoti, General Manager in CEE, leads the region’s operations, focusing on scaling a talented team and maintaining high performance through partnerships with 20 franchisees across 26 countries. KFC CEE’s S.T.A.R.T. Refugees Program aims to hire over 2,500 refugees in the next three years, contributing to the brand’s growth and social responsibility efforts.

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