Japan’s Top Creative Company NAKED has Already Landed in Shanghai – OCEAN BY NAKED 如海・空間 –

Steadily continuing its advance in the field of immersive digital art using projection mapping with Japan’s representative artist Ryotaro Muramatsu at its center, creative company NAKED is opening its event “OCEAN BY NAKED 如海・空間” (Sat., 13 July 2019 to Mon., 16 February 2020) at the Shanghai World Financial Center, Pudong District, Shanghai, China.
Representative Ryotaro Muramatsu is a film director who has been nominated at more than 50 international film festivals and has won seven awards, and the productions he has directed at NAKED have garnered a reputation for their narrative character. Tradition and Innovation. The event has been called a collection that takes natural phenomena such as cherry blossoms, the sea and stars as its motives. “TREE by NAKED” is an art gastronomy restaurant that takes the story of life with the tree as its theme. What lies at the root of the work NAKED does is a redefinition of the beauty of the world that lies buried within our hectic every-day lives. Through the power of creativity, it is to bring forth a new “scene” within people’s lives. That is NAKED’s mission.
Founded in 1997, NAKED Inc. brings together artist Ryotaro Muramatsu, who is currently also presenting his work at an art gallery in Venice, Italy, where one of the foremost art exhibitions worldwide, the Venice Biennale, is being held, and creative specialists from many different fields.
NAKED initially concentrated its activities on the field of film productions, but as the scope of its expression no longer fit into the cinema framework, it has left behind the cinema for the world of 3D. Held in order to commemorate the restoration of Tokyo Station in 2012, the projection mapping production “TOKYO HIKARI VISION” had more than 230,000 visitors and found itself instantly in the limelight. Remarkably, with the subsequent steady advance of the term digital art, it mesmerized not only the Japanese, but also the people of global cities such as Beijing, Taipei, Paris and Las Vegas.
With projects such as regional branding, which is steadily gathering speed, and a projection mapping realized together with school children whose school was set to be closed, the world Ryotaro Muramatsu and NAKED live in is certainly not businesslike. For it always contains the passion of making people have life-changing experiences and crafting narratives that touch people.
“OCEAN BY NAKED 如海・空間” (Sat., 13 July 2019 to Mon., 16 February 2020), which NAKED plans, directs and produces, is currently on show for the first time worldwide on the 4th floor and at the viewing platform on the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center, Pudong District, Shanghai, China.
With a total of 14 works presented on 2,000 square meters on the 4th floor and at the viewing platform on the 94th floor, this is the largest event to date for the company.
On the 4th floor, we present the narrative of a trip around the world of the sea that starts at the water’s edge, dives down to deep-sea depths of 6,500m and then returns to the surface. At the viewing platform on the 94th floor, at an altitude of 423m, we show the story of a wonderful world in which you encounter magical sea creatures that emerge into the real Shanghai cityscape.
In a narrative vision of the world supported by film sequences that NAKED specializes in, various technologies combine to create an experience like a trip through the world of a fantasy film.
Discounted early bookings sold out faster than ever before, with 5,000 tickets gone within a one hour of the beginning of the sale. As of 4 July 2019, advance sales have continued to register record numbers at the viewing platform where the event is held. Also, major Chinese online ticket sites such as Maoyan (猫眼), Che Guevara (格瓦拉), Meituan (美団), Da Zhong Dian Ping (大衆点評), WeChat (微信) and Go (走起)2 have all ranked this event as No. 1 in the category exhibitions and shows, and public attention is rising (as of 4 July, 2019. The ranking by number of tickets sold is the popularity ranking).
The artworks and the world vision of NAKED have been spreading across Asia, and it continues to concentrate on expanding its activities to further parts of the world.


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