IWG Accelerating Growth in APAC through Franchising and Multiple-Brands

IWG Accelerating Growth in APAC through Franchising and Multiple-Brands
-‘No18’ and ‘Signature by Regus’ brands arrive in APAC in 2019-
• IWG’s franchising roll-out expected to deliver thousands of flexible workplaces to the towns and cities of APAC.
• IWG now offers more than 700 locations in APAC through its various brands, including ‘Regus’, ‘Spaces’, ‘Open Office’ and ‘HQ’.
• Two new IWG operating brands to come to APAC: ‘Signature by Regus’ opened in June, while No.18 will open its doors in Q4 2019, both in Singapore.
13 AUGUST 2019, HONG KONG – International Workplace Group (IWG), the world’s leading flexible workspace provider, continues its rapid expansion in APAC with the addition of two new brands and the launch of its franchising programme in countries across the region in 2019.
IWG is ramping up its franchise roll-out in APAC, building on momentum in the UK, Europe and Japan. Nigel Barnes, Vice President, Development, Asia Pacific, IWG says “IWG’s franchising programme is an easy channel for investors and interested parties to access the massive opportunity flexible workspace presents. IWG’s platform and its brands offer a tried-and-tested, ready-to-go business model that is built on more than 30 years of experience. Flexible working engages with the way people and companies want to work in a fast-evolving APAC region. We want to work with strong local partners to build national networks, who see the same opportunity that we do in the towns and cities across the region.”
Following recent launches in Southeast Asia, IWG plans to take their franchising model to the market in Hong Kong and Mainland China in September. Barnes adds, “Our adoption of the franchise model offers franchisee diversification from traditional, often saturated sectors, such as fast food or coffee shops, with high return potential. Interest has already been strong and we look forward to ramping up this area of activity further.”
2019 will see IWG expanding in 30 cities across APAC, which includes 8 new cities. Currently, IWG has a total of 700 locations in APAC under Regus, Spaces and other brands, with representation in 150 cities across the region.
Greater China
In Hong Kong, Spaces is committing to whole buildings, with the recent openings of Sun House in Sheung Wan and Spaces Hennessy Road in Wan Chai. Through the opening of the first and only coworking towers in the city, Spaces takes care of businesses’ every need with functional settings of the Business Club, meeting rooms and private offices in different sizes, as well as a dedicated team to assist businesses on all matters. The signature European design offers a relaxed yet professional workstyle.
Barnes says “July 2019 marks the first anniversary of Spaces in Hong Kong. In the past year, we saw a successful leap for IWG in Hong Kong with the significant launch of five Spaces locations in key areas within 9 months. Moving towards the second half of 2019, we will continue to expand our range of services to better serve our enlarging business community.”
In Mainland China, the first half of 2019 saw new openings in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin, which included Spaces Infinitus, a 54,000 sq. ft. site close to Xintiandi in Shanghai. Barnes adds on the coworking industry in Mainland China, “We expect further consolidation in the Mainland China coworking sector, as the explosive growth witnessed over the last 3-years settles and the pressure for new entrants to deliver profitable growth mounts”. IWG’s network in Mainland China now covers 30 cities, providing a fast and easy one-stop-shop for businesses to set up and access the massive potential. “Our business model is ideal for corporates to expand their business. With over 150 cities of over 1 million people in Mainland China, the franchise model will enable our network and, by extension, our clients’ businesses to reach even further.”
Southeast Asia
‘Signature by Regus’, an IWG operating brand which targets the world’s leading business addresses, was opened in Singapore in June 2019 as the first location in APAC. Working with Blackrock and Qatar Investment Authority, IWG leased the top 2 floors of Asia Square Tower 1, of over 75,000sq ft.
Situated at Perennial’s Capitol Piazza, Asia’s first No18 will also open in Singapore towards the end of 2019. Designed to a cosmopolitan members club for businesses, No.18 has beautiful lounges, meeting rooms and high-end workspaces tailored for the business world’s connoisseurs.
The expansion of IWG’s Spaces cowork brand continues to build momentum with new sites opening in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
About IWG
IWG believes that business success is underpinned by the effectiveness and happiness of its people. So they made it their mission to help millions of people have a great day at work – every day.
IWG has drawn upon its 30-year heritage in flexible workspace to create a world leading commercial real estate platform. Its portfolio of operating brands, including Regus, Spaces, Signature by Regus, HQ and No18, offers an unrivalled level of choice for businesses of all sizes and budgets. With over one million workspaces and a presence in hundreds of countries, cities, towns, and transport hubs worldwide, IWG has the world’s largest network of flexible workspaces and a full suite of business support services to enable people to focus on their core business and enjoy a great day at work.


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