Immutable Partners With SimWin Sports to Enhance Digital Sports With AI Integration

Immutable Partners With SimWin Sports to Enhance Digital Sports With AI Integration

Web3 gaming takes center stage with the SimWin Sports and Immutable partnership.

SimWin Sports, a virtual sports league that caters to daily fantasy players and e-sports fans, has announced a strategic partnership with web3 gaming platform Immutable. Through this alliance, SimWin Sports will leverage Immutable’s expansive knowledge in the web3 gaming realm, including strategic advisory services, marketing support, community building and virtual asset drops.

David Ortiz, SimWin’s Founder and CEO, expressed his anticipation for the collaboration, bringing together SimWin’s advanced Athletic Performance-AI tech, sports simulations and fantasy gameplay with Immutable’s web3 proficiency. He is confident that this synergy will augment web3 skills for SimWin players, radically changing the real money gaming landscape and initiating a new age of immersive, easily accessible experiences for global sports enthusiasts. 

Other backers of SimWin Sports include Animoca Brands, 1Up Ventures, former NBC Universal and LA Clippers CEO Dick Parsons and former head of Turner Networks David Levy. 

SimWin Football: A revolution in blockchain-based sports gaming

The inaugural offering of SimWin Sports, SimWin Football, is a blockchain-centric platform showcasing virtual American football matches round-the-clock. It provides instant action and multiple earning possibilities. Users can turn into Player Agents by securing rights to digital players and earn from weekly salaries, performance-based bonuses, sponsorships and fantasy sports revenue.

The platform also features virtual teams owned by celebrities like Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jerry Rice , Marshall Faulk, Tracy McGrady and LaMelo Ball. SimWin’s CEO, David J. Ortiz, has a robust gaming background with experience in AAA titles like Madden NFL, and the President, Tom Goedde, brings a 30-year industry history, having held roles at EA SPORTS and DraftKings.

Andrew Sorokovsky, Vice President of Global Business Development at Immutable, has expressed enthusiasm about their partnership with SimWin. Citing the experienced leadership of Ortiz and Goedde, and their backing from sports legends, Sorokovsky believes SimWin is set to revolutionize fantasy sports. Immutable’s extensive expertise will be provided to help SimWin reach global sports fans and boost the widespread adoption of web3 gaming.

How SimWin works: Blending coaching simulations with fantasy sports 

SimWin combines a coaching simulator and a public-facing fantasy sports platform.

Users can participate in coaching simulations behind the scenes and the site offers fantasy sports action 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, fans may become Player Agents and earn money by representing athletes.

SimWin Football offers a player training system that uses virtual Gyms, Training Stations, Trainers and Training Supplements obtained from randomized asset packs to enhance player attributes.

More interestingly, SimWin player rights owners can monetize their digital assets without having to sell them, as these virtual players generate revenue through salaries, sponsorships, bonuses and a share of fantasy sports revenue. This ownership model enhances fan engagement and incentivizes players to increase their revenue-generating potential.

Leveraging athletic performance AI in SimWin Football

SimWin Football operates using an Athletic Performance AI (AP-AI) which incorporates a century’s worth of American football data, machine learning and decades of digital sports title development experience. The AP-AI has already examined over 10,000 plays and continues to improve by learning from SimWin’s Hall of Fame coaches’ strategies and play styles. SimWin Football is about to launch its first season, and most players, who will start generating revenue as soon as they’re purchased via random pack drops, have already been drafted. 

Looking ahead, SimWin Sports plans to broaden its web3 gaming offerings to include soccer, basketball and cricket in the following year.

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