IBM and Adobe Propel AI Adoption in Content Supply Chains

IBM and Adobe Propel AI Adoption in Content Supply Chains

Driving content supply chain innovation with AI collaboration!

IBM (NYSE: IBM) disclosed its intentions to grow its collaboration with Adobe to assist brands in optimizing their content supply chains via the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as Adobe Sensei GenAI services and Adobe Firefly (now in beta). 

Enhancing creativity and efficiency: AI-powered content supply chains

IBM Consulting, with its extensive AI experience, will introduce a new portfolio of Adobe consulting services to assist clients in navigating the complex landscape of generative AI. By harnessing Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content Supply Chain solution and IBM Consulting services, the partnership aims to enable clients to establish a comprehensive content supply chain ecosystem. This ecosystem will foster collaboration, optimize creativity, enhance efficiency, automate tasks and improve visibility for stakeholders involved in design and creative projects.

IBM Consulting experts, consisting of a team of 21,000 professionals in data, AI and experience, will assist Adobe’s enterprise customers. These experienced professionals will assist customers in successfully implementing generative AI models for design and creative processes. This includes leveraging Adobe’s Firefly, which focuses on generating images and text effects, as well as utilizing Sensei GenAI services. The latter acts as a co-pilot for marketers, integrated across Adobe’s enterprise applications, streamlining marketing workflows and enhancing productivity. 

Commenting on the development, the Global Managing Partner of IBM iX Customer & Experience Transformation at IBM Consulting, Matt Candy, expressed his observations regarding the remarkable momentum in AI adoption. He highlighted how an increasing number of brands are embracing generative AI to create customer experiences that are both seamless and highly personalized, driving growth and enhancing productivity.

Candy emphasized the significance of the expanded partnership between IBM and Adobe, as it enables marketers to design AI-powered experiences more effectively. Moreover, the partnership aims to establish necessary measures to ensure that AI implementation adheres to principles of trust and transparency. This commitment to maintaining brand consistency and integrity is paramount in the development of AI-powered solutions.

A two-decade collaboration: IBM and Adobe’s strategic partnership

IBM and Adobe have cultivated a longstanding strategic partnership spanning two decades, encompassing technology and services. The new services offered by IBM are the result of IBM’s own marketing transformation journey, which serves as a foundation for driving improvements in how Adobe’s marketing team manages its work processes. This partnership includes Adobe’s utilization of Red Hat OpenShift, IBM AI and Sterling software. Furthermore, IBM Consulting currently holds a leading position in the market for Adobe technology certifications.

Vice President of Digital Experience Business at Adobe, Justin Merickel, expressed enthusiasm for expanding the partnership with IBM. He emphasized ‌the goal of empowering brands to deliver more personalized experiences to their customers. Through the integration of Adobe’s AI-driven Content Supply Chain solution with IBM’s human-centered experience design, they aim to unlock new creative possibilities. This collaboration is expected to bring delight to employees and customers alike, accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions and drive improved business decisions.

Delivering innovative solutions with IBM Consulting

IBM Consulting has established a Center of Excellence for generative AI, comprising a team of more than 1,000 specialized consultants in the field. These consultants are equipped to help clients navigate the realm of enterprise-grade AI, utilizing technologies from Adobe, IBM and other ecosystem partners.

The Center of Excellence operates in conjunction with IBM Consulting’s existing global AI and Automation practice, which has an extensive track record of conducting over 40,000 enterprise client engagements. One of the key methodologies employed by IBM consultants is the IBM Garage for Generative AI, a comprehensive and collaborative approach that enables clients to accelerate innovation in the domain of foundation models for generative AI. This involves rapid ideation and prioritization of use cases, an open and multimodel approach for architectures and training selections, as well as fine-tuning and scaling models to align with specific business requirements.

As a trusted partner to over 3,000 of the world’s most innovative and valuable companies, IBM Consulting brings together a diverse range of voices, experiences and technologies, such as Hybrid Cloud and AI, to expedite the process of business transformation. Supported by the proven co-creation method of IBM Garage, it is able to deliver innovative solutions at speed and scale, addressing some of the most complex challenges faced by organizations worldwide.

In conclusion, the expanded partnership between IBM and Adobe brings advanced AI capabilities and consulting services to optimize content supply chains. By leveraging generative AI and a comprehensive ecosystem, clients can enhance collaboration, creativity, efficiency and visibility. IBM’s expertise and Center of Excellence for generative AI further strengthen its commitment to delivering innovative solutions. Together, IBM and Adobe empower brands to create personalized experiences, accelerate innovation and drive transformative growth.

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