Hysan Development x Lee Gardens Association instil positivity into its beloved neighbourhood “POWER UP YOUR WEEKEND” at Lee Gardens

Hong Kongers are undoubtedly facing a lot of stress under the epidemic. During trying times, we must lend a helping hand to one another, promote personal hygiene and, most importantly, boost positivity! As such Hysan Development joined hands with Lee Gardens Association to bring the “POWER UP YOUR WEEKEND at Lee Gardens” Cheer-Up Zone. From May 16th to 17th, the street of Causeway Bay will be filled with a number of installation arts in the form of colourful, gigantic balloons and cheer-up mottos to not only inject some positive energy into our beloved neighbourhood, but also double as a backdrop to your photos to spread your cheers among friends and family. To the side of the installation is the “Chill-Out resting zone” featuring outdoor recliners and hammocks to transport passersby into nature so they can relax, recharge and remind themselves to be optimistic amidst unprecedented times. Newly added are Taste of Summer Food Corner with a Food Truck and Ice Pop booth complemented with Soothing Street Shows and limited-edition Fortune Cookies that’ll be distributed during campaign period. Through the event, the Lee Gardens Community hopes to cure stressed souls and spread positive vibes through music, art and delicious food.