How Business Owners Can Take a Break

How Business Owners Can Take a Break

If you own a business, you might be running yourself even harder than when you worked in the corporate world, so let us help you take a break.

When people tell you it is time to slow down, to focus on yourself, and to relax for a few minutes, do you often become angry at them for not understanding how important your business is to you? You can’t possibly relax. There is too much to be done and not enough hours in the day, right? Wrong. Workaholics, especially self-employed ones, burn out even faster than those employed by others. That’s why the topic of mental health for founders is so important. 

You need to have a break every so often and let the battery recharge. It is crucial not only to your business but also to your health and psychological wellbeing.  

Taking time off without constant checking 

It is noble to pursue your dream on your own, but why do it alone if you don’t have to? You can have a break from work and still keep your finger on the pulse. You just have to limit your involvement, which means it’s time to delegate your needs to a trusted employee. Get yourself some qualified, passionate staff. They will help you with your professional goals and your sanity.

With a good team, you can take a break every now and then without micromanaging your staff. The break can be just long enough for you to have a cup of coffee while knowing that the place will not burn down in your absence. This is especially hard for megalomaniacs (who think that only they know how to do business right), but it must be done. Understand that you don’t have to control everything— enlisting help from time to time might do you and your business good. 

Also, don’t forget to take lunch and attend to your mental health. You have to fuel the machine—yourself. Many entrepreneurs focus so much on work that they forget their own biological needs. If you are married or with a significant other, they need attention, too. Your business may thrive, but it may also fail. After all, it is your health and your relationship that will remain. Prioritize properly.

How should you plan your breaks?

If you ask others what they do during breaks, you will get plenty of different answers. However, many might not suit you. For instance, others may love to run or work out during their break, but if you hate exercising, this is a non-starter. 

There are a few things to consider before planning your breaks: 

  • How long will the break be? If you take a long break, like a vacation, can your staff keep the business running in your absence? Can you unplug long enough to relax? Both answers need to be “yes” before booking any trip. It’s not a break if you are still stressed. 
  • It is important to let your customers know your business is in good hands with your trusted staff, even when you are out of the office. Also, let the staff know that in an emergency, they can call you. However, the emergency better be legitimate so that you don’t receive calls over a jammed photocopying machine. If someone is injured, the building is damaged or you get robbed—these are emergencies. Anything else, they can handle.
  • If you have an online store, automation can make it easier to manage your business. With enough automation, the store can run itself with minimal occasional maintenance. One example would be sending an autoresponder message to a customer via email, SMS or Facebook to notify them of the arrival of new products or discounts.
  • Unplug from the world. If you can, and we know it’s hard—put away the cell and the laptop, let the emails pile up and release yourself from the obligations of the electronic landscape. This is your chance to actually break from your normal work day. It’s time to remove the shackles and run into the sunlight. Take a good break that you can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you take a long break or just a coffee break from work, as long as you let your body and mind properly enjoy the experience. We all work one, two or more jobs, and we can feel it when burnout is approaching. Never let it take you down, put you out or land you in the hospital. Time for you is the only healthy choice. 

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Jeremy Ambrose
Jeremy Ambrose, when working from home, tries to find free slots for the evenings off to shoot pool, and the weekends to go fishing and hang out with friends. He never let the thought of being chained to his desk keep him from living a full life, complete with time for love.


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