Hong Kong’s most intimate art experience is back this October.



An intimate art journey featuring new works by 220+ artists and 60+ galleries

Hong Kong, August 15, 2019: Returning this Fall with its 15th edition, the Asia Contemporary Art Show at the Conrad Hong Kong opens on October 4 until October 7. As the longest-running and most intimate hotel art fair in Asia, the Show will present artworks from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Lebanon, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many others.
Beginning on Friday, October 4th, arts patrons and select guests will be welcomed at the exclusive Private View. This will be followed by an invitation-only VIP Collectors Preview. General admission opens on Saturday, October 5th and continues with regular show hours until Monday, October 7th.
“Aiming to present the best of contemporary art from a diverse selection of galleries, the Show responds to a growing trend where galleries are looking for immersive ways of showing art and for audiences seeking something more intimate and experiential. The Show brings a world of art to Hong Kong at accessible prices, giving collectors and art buyers the opportunity to browse and buy original paintings, limited editions, sculpture, and photography from some of the world’s most interesting and promising artists – from emerging to mid-career artists, to those who have already achieved recognition in private and public collections, and at auction.” remarked Show Director Mark Saunderson. “Among other artists, the 15th edition will feature Lee Dongsu from South Korea whose works capture the essence of bigger and higher concepts with very oxymoronic crude and simple visualization, and Chinese sculptor and painter Wu Qiong whose art resonates with the cartoon aesthetic of a generation absorbed by comic imagery, online gaming and computer worlds. His work makes “political stress release” and cynicism, ideals which were once so characteristic of contemporary Chinese art, seem generations away.”
The Asia Contemporary Art Show is delighted to welcome back Connecting Myanmar in their charity exhibition and sale of Aung Myint’s works at the Show. A very well-known Burmese artist whose works are collected by notable institutions such as the Guggenheim, the exhibition will include pieces from his famous Mother and Child series, which uses single, unbroken lines of black acrylic to evoke the intimate physical connection between the two figures. Connecting Myanmar, a registered charity in Hong Kong, aims to inspire young people to think critically with an empathetic lens by connecting Myanmar and Hong Kong youths. Proceeds from the exhibition will go toward scholarships supporting Myanmar students in their studies abroad.
Lau Chun Tao, Hong Kong —
Accidental Art, Room 4221
“Spying” by Lau Chun Tao, Accidental Art, Hong Kong, Room 4221
Lau Chun Tao (b.1994) is an artist born and raised in Hong Kong. Lau is known for distorting objects through texture and pattern by using ink, acrylic and screen print. His artworks are inspired by his observation of everyday life. The artist attended the Academia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Italy and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

“Pathways” by Roger Dean, Trading Boundaries, United Kingdom, Room 4226
 Roger Dean, United Kingdom
Trading Boundaries, Room 4226
Roger Dean (b.1944) is an internationally recognised artist and designer, whose evocative and visionary images with associated graphics, logos, and lettering, created a new genre of work. Best known for his album covers for groups such as Yes, Asia, and Osibisa, Dean has worked in many fields from painting and architecture to typeface, furniture, and stage design, inspiring generations of students and artists.
Yoo, Sun-Tai, South Korea —
Galerie GAIA, Room 4306
“The Words” by Yoo, Sun-Tai, Galerie GAIA, South Korea, Room 4306
Yoo, Sun-Tai (b.1957) is one of Korea’s most widely recognized contemporary artists. While studying in Paris (PH.D), the artist developed his now well-known style of three-dimensional painting. Yoo is obsessed with objects utilised as a means of metaphors of life elements, their meanings depending on personal imagination or interpretation. Yoo’s surreal paintings feature Korean letters that interact with the objects in the works, giving it a meditative and poetic sense. 
“Spring Lake” by Gao Xiao Yun, China, Room 4322
Gao Xiao Yun, China, Room 4322
Gao Xiao Yun (b.1977) pursues stillness and motion, and objectivity and subjectivity. Gao paints spontaneously and flexibly to achieve an effect that appears at once “dense and light, quick and slow, hard and soft, cold and warm”. Gao graduated from the Department of Oil Painting at the China Academy of Fine Art. In the high pressure of modern society, Gao aims to use his art to create a harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Gao participated in the development of the Shanghai Pudong Artist Village and Puxi Art District.
Lin Kuo-Wei, Taiwan
All Animal Art, Room 4118
Lin Kuo-Wei (b.1985) uses his own art language to vocalize environmental issues in the series “NO.∞”. By combining human and animal shapes and by using heavy mechanical woodcarving techniques, the artist wants to promote environmental protection in his efforts to contribute to the society and the environment.
“Environmental sampling NO.16 A mother” by Lin Kuo-Wei,  All Animal Art, Taiwan, Room 4118
Aung Myint, Myanmar
Connecting Myanmar, Room 4323
Burmese artist Aung Myint (b.1946) is known for his Mother and Child inspired drawings, drawn with a single unbroken line of black acrylic. A self-taught artist, he works with painting and installation and is regarded as one of the pioneers of performance and experimental art in Myanmar. He experiments with different mediums to explore the themes of cultural identity and personal memories.
“Mother and Child 1” by Aung Myint, Connecting Myanmar,  Hong Kong, Room 4323
Elizabeth Langreiter, Australia, Room 4210
“Here Comes the Sun” by Elizabeth Langreiter, Australia, Room 4210
Elizabeth Langreiter’s art journey began in a rather unusual way. Langreiter had zero interest in art before being hit on the head with a tennis ball during a competition and then had the sudden urge to start painting. The artist connects this to “Acquired Savant Syndrome” which is a condition where “dormant savant skills emerge after a brain injury or disease…where few such skills were evident before.” 
“Jungle Pop Elephant Collection – Gourmandise” by  Adeline Buenaventura, France, Room 4106
Adeline Buenaventura, France, Room 4106
Self-trained artist Adeline Buenaventura (b.1971) is passionate about colours and graphics that are inspired by Pop Art. Buenaventura designs, draws, and paints freehand using bright and eclectic colors on her cheerful resin and fiberglass sculptures. Infused with voluptuous roundness and sensual lines and an elaborate glazed surface, the ultimate originality of her work is in the smoothness of each sculpture, which looks as if they are blown glass or porcelain.
Lee Dongsu, South Korea
Khalifa Gallery, Room 4321
Lee Dongsu (b.1965) tries to reconstruct a part of the world; not by reconstructing objects themselves, but by presenting objects as the world. Lee’s works, a simple China and a bowl embodies silence and emptiness, representing winds in a subtle way. Without flamboyant visualization, one could feel the smooth touch of zephyr by looking at his paintings.
“Flow-Bowl” by Lee Dongsu, Khalifa Gallery, South Korea, Room 4321
“New York” by Jeff Murray, United Kingdom, Room 4126
 Jeff Murray, United Kingdom, Room 4126
Jeff Murray (b.1986) takes inspiration from his personal experiences and interests, with the world and its wonders being the main subject matter. His “visual journals” capture the way he sees the world and what it means to him. Focusing heavily on architecture, landscapes, history and nature, his art speaks to all art lovers so that they can connect with each and every piece in a different way. Murray likes to test the viewer by hiding things within each piece. He often hides these things in multiples of 7, which is a unique and personal number to him. These “Easter eggs” show his playful side and how his mind works with wanting to discover more.
“My Partner” by Wu Qiong, M & T ART, China, Room 4315
Wu Qiong, China – M & T ART, Room 4315
 Sculptor and painter, Wu Qiong (b.1981) creates art that represents the childhood that he and many others of his generation remember and in doing so, creates touching and amusing portraits that are distinctly contemporary in the Chinese art scene. The artist’s fairytale visions of childlike figures against stark backgrounds and pastel skies sets him apart from his contemporaries. In 21st century China, Wu resonates with the cartoon aesthetic of a generation absorbed by comic imagery, online gaming  and computer worlds. 
“Mother Nature is Expressing My Love” by Coplu, V’ Art Space, Malaysia, Room 4203
Coplu, Turkey —  V’ Art Space, Room 4203
Coplu (b.1958) is a self-taught artist. Exploring different forms of visual art, he developed his own distinctive style of painting. The subjects of Coplu’s paintings are always directly linked to human relationships and the different environments they are connected to, mirroring the feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears and experiences that we all encounter during our journey through life.

Exhibitor List


Accidental Art Hong Kong
Adeline Buenaventura France
All Animal Art Taiwan
Art Between Us China
Art tu: Hong Kong
Artists in Taiwan Taiwan
Bupa Global Hong Kong
Carre d’ artistes Hong Kong
Chris Rivers United Kingdom
Connecting Myanmar Hong Kong
De Long Art Space China
Eddie Botha  Australia
Elizabeth Langreiter Australia
Find Art Association Macau
G1 Art Gallery South Korea
Galerie GAIA South Korea
Gallery KNOT South Korea
Gao Xiao Yun Gallery China
Graeme Stevenson OAM Australia
H.K. Inter-Artists Hong Kong
Inna Khimich Art Gallery France
Jeff Murray United Kingdom
Jessie Siu Hong Kong
Karen Bloomfield  Australia
Katherine Filice United States
Khalifa Gallery South Korea
Kristina Sretkova Germany
Lara Scolari Australia
Laura Jordan United Kingdom
Ling Art China
Lo Gallery Russia
Lydia Moawad Gallery Lebanon
Lynette Orzlowski  Australia
Lynn Jaanz  Australia
M & T ART China
Macey & Sons Hong Kong
Marie Larraine Weir Australia
Miro Gallery South Korea
Mishell Leong Malaysia
Mookji Art Collaboration China
Myartzpace Hong Kong
Nancy’s Gallery China
Natizoe China
Paramount Gallery China
Pop Art Gallery China
Pu Xi Tang China
Ross & Santi Taiwan
Sean Gallery Hong Kong
Singapore Art Garret Gallery (SAGG) United Kingdom
Sissi’s Back Garden Art Gallery China
Solveig Australia
Space 1326 South Korea
Studio Paradise India
Trading Boundaries United Kingdom
V’ Art Space Malaysia
Venture Studios Hong Kong
Yang Pengcheng  China
Yekang Art South Korea

The Founders of the Asia Contemporary Art Show
The founders and directors of the Asia Contemporary Art Show are three art enthusiasts with more than 30 years’ experience in the region, Mark Saunderson, Douwe Cramer, and Sarah Benecke. Viewed as pioneers in the art space, they consider the interest of artists, galleries and buyers are best served by providing vibrant fairs and online content which stimulate discovery, exploration, and conversations about art. The Asia Contemporary Art Show is Hong Kong’s only art fair that takes place twice a year.
Asia Contemporary Art Buyer
The founders of the Asia Contemporary Art Show also produce Asia’s largest art website, Asia Contemporary Art Buyer (www.asiacontemporaryart.com). The site features over 11,500 artworks from 1,600 artists. Asia Contemporary Art Buyer extends the value of the Asia Contemporary Art Show for both buyers and sellers of art, from an exciting four-day Show with face-to-face engagement with artists and galleries, to 365 days a year and 24/7 online for personal browsing and buying.
 Macey & Sons is a Hong Kong based art brokerage and auctioneer since 2011 that specialises in advising clients on starting or expanding their art collection as alternative investment assets. They are also experts in sourcing and trading art and collectables around the globe with a unique focus for high appreciation potential and various exit strategies.

 Bupa Global is the international health insurance arm of Bupa, serving customers around the world.  We provide products and services for globally minded and mobile people who want the most premium coverage and access to the healthcare they need anytime, anywhere in the world, whether at home or when studying, living, travelling or working abroad. Bupaglobal.com

China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch is the first overseas branch of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.. As a fully licensed bank in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong branch provides enterprises and individuals with a full range of commercial banking services. Since its establishment in 2002, the Hong Kong branch has been actively developing distinctive products and services, meanwhile participating in charity to give back to the community.
The Asia Contemporary Art Show would like to acknowledge and thank arts patrons Macey & Sons, BUPA Global, China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch, Frey Wille, Kuehne & Nagel, Venture Studios and FIJI Water; as well as partners Hine, HK Liquor Store, Samuel Adams, Leaf Tea Boutique, Cathay Pacific Airways and The Mercury for their support.
Asia Contemporary Art Show, 15th Edition 
Conrad Hong Kong, 41st – 43rd floors  
October 4th –  7th, 2019
Opening Hours:
Friday, October 4th 
Private View (Invitation only) |    3pm – 5pm 
VIP Collectors Preview (Invitation only) |    5pm – 9pm  
General Admission:
Saturday, October 5th |    1pm – 8pm 
Sunday, October 6th |    1pm – 8pm  
Monday, October 7th |    11am – 6pm 
Available now at www.asiacontemporaryart.com/tickets 
HK$270 (admits two if purchased online; admits one if purchased at the door)
Free admission for children under 16yrs accompanied by an adult.  


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