Hong Kong Life Sciences Society 2020 Summer Internship Program is Open for Online Application

Hong Kong Life Sciences Society, established in September 2018, aims to attract, nurture and retain talents in the local life sciences sector through knowledge exchange, collaboration and engagement in order to build and establish an active life sciences ecosystem. HKLSS is also dedicated in providing a unique platform to bridge between local life sciences talents and Mainland and international companies.


Government and Industry Join Hands to Foster Local Life Sciences Development


With the support of internationally-renowned talents and academia, Hong Kong has continued to grow and mature on the back of research analysis and clinical researches. Hong Kong is blessed with a strategic location, solid foundation of intellectual property rights and its unique positioning as a leading international financial centre, offering the ideal location for life sciences company to invest. The vibrant and continuous development of the life sciences sector is a collective effort from the industry, business partners and the government. “We hope to foster the collaboration between industry leaders, investors, government, local and international organisations through the establishment of HKLSS. We will continue to dedicate our effort in nurturing talents, to meet the growing needs of life sciences in Hong Kong,” said Mr. Vincent Cheung, Chairman of the HKLSS Board of Governors.


HKLSS has debuted its first Summer Internship Program in 2019 with the backing of investing companies and biopharmaceutical companies, including Morningside Venture Capital, AstraZeneca, WuXi AppTec and WuXi Biologics. The summer internship program has fully demonstrated HKLSS’ support towards the next generation in realising their passion in life sciences industry for the betterment of society, which also helps lay the foundation of the development of HKLSS.


Promote Talent Exchange and Development via Summer Internship Program

HKLSS has always been working closely with industry partners to encourage younger generation, to further broaden their exposure and visions by providing shared network and resources to offer more cultivation opportunities among talents.


Riding on the success of the previous summer internship program, HKLSS will launch its 2020 Summer Internship Program, offering participants to expand their horizons at biotech startup, venture capital firm, healthcare or pharmaceutical company in Shanghai. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with sector specialists through networking and presentations. During the internship program, participants can also explore their directions of biotechnology and life sciences through a series of interactive workshops, guest speakership opportunities and networking activities. The 2020 Summer Internship Program is open for online application (Application deadline: 30 April, 2020).


Explore Wide Array of Industry Hot Topics through Fruitful Events and Activities

HKLSS has been continuously dedicating its effort in organising a series of exciting activities for life sciences talents, such as our Mentorship Scheme. The Mentorship Scheme is designed to cultivate young students in these industries, by equipping them with workplace-ready knowledge and soft skills, as well as the ability to network and make relevant connections with industry leaders, young entrepreneurs and senior managements. HKLSS also encourage further exchange and collaboration between young talents, academia and industry representatives through a series of regular talks and workshops. Looking forward, HKLSS will continue in dedicating its effort and resources to provide an effective channel for interested talents to learn more about life sciences.


Dedicated Effort in Fulfilling the Aspirations and Missions of HKLSS

In order to build a strong and sustainable life sciences talent network, HKLSS has been gathering and connecting experts from different areas to join the Board of Governors to exchange insights and industry updates. The like-minded innovators include HKLSS’ vice chairman Professor Nancy Ip, Vice-President for Research and Development at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Professor Dennis Lo Yuk Ming, Chinese University of Hong Kong’s professor. Professor David Ho Da-I, who is credited with inventing the combination antiretroviral therapy, popularly known as cocktail therapy, Professor Yuen Kwok-yung from the University of Hong Kong and Professor Leo Poon, professor and division head of Public Health Laboratory Sciences are also core members of HKLSS Advisory Board.


Life sciences will definitely have an impact on human development, covering wide range of aspect including medical, agricultural and food industry. HKLSS will continue its effort to foster the development of life sciences industry and to offer a brainstorming and exchange platform for local young generation and industry players.



About the Hong Kong Life Sciences Society

The Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS) is a youth organisation established in September 2018 to build a dynamic life sciences ecosystem in Hong Kong. Through knowledge exchange, collaboration and engagement, HKLSS aims to attract, cultivate and retain talent in Hong Kong’s life sciences sector.


Members of the HKLSS:

Chairman: Mr. Vincent Cheung
Vice-Chairmen: Dr Gerald Chan, Mr. Shannon Cheung, Prof Nancy Ip, Mr. Antony Leung, Prof Dennis Lo
Executive Director: Prof Ken Wong

Members of the Advisory Board:

Dr Tom Cheung, Ms. Irene Chu, Mr. Shan Fu, Prof Keiji Fukuda, Mr. Meng Gao, Prof David Ho,
Dr Lu Huang, Dr Daniel Lee, Prof Suet Yi Leung, Dr Kai Liu, Prof Malik Peiris, Prof Leo Poon, Mr. Jin Seok Seo, Prof Lap Chee Tsui, Prof Yung Hou Wong, Mr. Frank Yu, Prof Kwok Yung Yuen, Prof Feng Zhang


For more information, please visit https://www.hklss.org/


Media Enquiry:

Flare Communications Limited
Grace Chu
Tel: (852) 3521 1560/ (852) 6902 5092
E-mail: [email protected]
Liz Li
Tel: (852) 3521 1559/ (852) 6219 9462
E-mail: [email protected]


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